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Lankadeepa Epaper

The only NationalICT Monthly published for 15 years, unmatched quality of presenting hi-tech knowledge to Sinhala readership.

A Sinhala weekly for young adult male Wijeya Braille: They cover practical aspects of using software and computers for professional and personal usage. For the Sinhala speaking reader, our Sinhala newspapers and publications include sunday lankadeepa lahipita online dating Lankadeepa which appears as in daily and Sunday avatars; Tharunaya, which is aimed at the young Sri Lankan male; Wijeya, which is a paper dedicated wholly for kids in primary school; and Bilindu, dedicated for kids in kindergarten.

It encourages them to express themselves and learn Braille so that they could reach higher educational goals and become useful citizens. Electronic media advertising enables to communicate the message directly or by implying and provide a fast advertising service. Society magazine produced to international standards, events, happenings, cuisine, interior, travel, leisure and much more.

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Series of low priced and concise Sinhala hand books on Information Technology issued once in two months. We provide the necessary background to triumph the goals of the client by creating competitive newspaper advertisements through an artistic process.

High quality Tamil language weekly for children Tharunaya: A National Sinhala daily paper, economically priced at Rs. A Sinhala weekly for children. It is possible to grab the attention of the modern generation by spreading your advertisement among Billions of Facebook and E-mail users.

Printed in Sinhala Braille and Issued free, it is intended to give an opportunity to visually challenged to be informed in what is happening around them. Our aim is to obtain many responses by creating advertisements which can grab the attention of the reader. Social Media Promo Publishing advertisements in social media sites like Facebook, which are popular in young as well as adult generation, is another revolutionary project that we have launched.

Television, Radio Ads & Promo

National Sinhala daily, highest readership confirmed by all the leading media rating agencies. Our aim is to provide a qualitative service through various packages. We are devoted to provide the necessary service for clients in publishing advertisements in these television channels which broadcast popular teledramas and news which are popular among a majority of people.

This provides an effective and efficient service. Magazines LW Lanka Woman: National Sinhala Sunday and the crown jewel of the Wijeya Group.

The prices may change according to the response rate of the audience for the particular program. Our English newspapers and publications include dailies such as the Daily Mirror and Financial Times and the weekend paper Sunday Times; magazines such as the society journal HI!

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In addition, Wijeya Newspaper also offers Tamil Mirror, the only hour breaking news site in Tamil; and Vijay, which is aimed at young Tamil speaking students. Its circulation surpasses combined circulation of all competitors taken together.

National English, comprehensive analysis of events, issues and trends in a wide variety of fields lends it an authority unmatched by others.