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Sungmin dating 2018 calendar, other popular national pages

In service to tamil people all around the world, we bring you the tamil daily calendar sheets for your auspicious events reference. Here are the 10 Sungmin dating 2018 calendar idols who dated and got married while active as celebrities.

Weightlifting - Sungmin Kim (Republic of Korea)

This website is maintained for social cause and not for profit and not for any commercial interest. Purattasi month have 31 days. Kindly consult your astrologers for the specific time for your auspicious events. Kaarthigai month have 29 or 30 days.

2018 Dated Calendars

To print the fill-size version double-sided choose one of the following: The two will hold their wedding ceremony early next year! Maasi - Eleventh month on tamil calendar. They are best known for the animal rights advocacy, organic way of lifestyle and their cute anniversary picture taken in the same manner.

Tamil people celebrate Aadi Amavasai and Aadiperukku. Aavani - Fifth month on tamil calendar. Drop me a line in the comments below and share your thoughts. Year is divided into six seasons each lasting for two months.

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Maasi month have 29 or 30 days. Vaigasi - Second month on tamil calendar.

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Tamil calendar follows 60 year cycle closely resembling to other calendars followed in Indian subcontinent. Traditionally Tamil year starts on 14th April every year. Favorable month of Muruga Kadavul. Maargazhi - Ninth month on tamil calendar. Since then they had a beautiful baby girl named RoHee and plan on having at least 5 kids together.

Just like previous years I started the monthly grid on the left page.

Sungmin – Day Dream (낮 꿈)

Which calendar layout is your favourite? Eugene was active as an actress, but will be returning to her idol-lifestyle with the reunion album of S. Thai - Tenth month on tamil calendar.

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She and her former basketball player husband got married in Kim TaeWoo married his wife in December Ippasi month have 29 or 30 days. Subscribe to the Scattered Snippets Newsletter Every few weeks I send out a newsletter with links to all the newest posts and printables!

Don't miss out on the fun! Tamil people refer this for all events like cultural or relgious. Panguni have 30 days.

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Set it to Or do you like them and use them all for different reasons? Calendars shown above is for Indian timings. Together, they live a beautiful, relaxing life together on Jeju Island. Set it to Odd Pages and print.

I hope I was able to sort of meet the needs of everyone with those.


Thai month have 29 or 30 days. In celebration of their upcoming love contract, we look back at the idols who have tied the knot while still active as celebrities. Vaigasi month have 31 days.

S for their reunion album that will drop on New Years Chithirai thiruvizha celebrated in this month.

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This is the last month on tamil calendar. Only having four days per page really helps to create more writing room for each dated box. All of the printables are for personal use only. His wife also happened to be 11 years older than the idol!

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This is the second to last post for the dated calendars. The active member of U-KISS married when he was just 23 years old, while still actively promoting with the group.

S to get married. The two fell in love while playing the roles of lovers, but SungMin had to enlist for his mandatory military service just a couple months after their wedding.

I ran into a few hiccups when trying to make it work right, but I think I finally got it all figured out. Aani - Third month on tamil calendar. By far, the two page per month layout is one of my favourite for monthly planning. Day starts with sunrise and ends with sunset.