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You not only want a teammmate to be the best at their role, but be strong in ways that complement yourself as a consumer or brand. In a worst case, a brand can get stuck in a master — slave relationship despite any branding efforts. Plant the seed, and if your product is good enough and branding hits on what the consumer is looking for, a fling can actually develop into a longer lasting relationship.

Our approaches to customer development are very simplistic and big data may actually hurt and not help.

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What kind of relationship are customers actually engaged in? Brands are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

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We learned that some of these strategies are inherently riskier than others: This complicates things, but no one said it would be easy. The master — slave relationship is one that is derived from many factors such as negligence, short-sightedness, circumstance, and so on.

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Maybe John likes to bike, and he is part of a biking club and he goes out every Saturday and participates in races. For instance, take a look at the evolution of branding efforts of major oil companies.

People stick with a brand to control risk: Basic exchange relationships are the most prevalent form of relationality in the commercial space.

Understanding Your Consumer-Brand Relationship

Because friendships rarely happen overnight. As with any close friendship, it takes a lot of care and effort to achieve BFF status. Opportunity to create a substantial relationship. And again, as we see in real life, divorces between tightly connected brand and consumer are ugly, costly affairs.


To advance brand strategy, marketers will typically do a category study—map the imperialism vs colonialism yahoo dating and benefits of, say, Minute Maid versus Tropicana versus Simply Orange—and act as if this brand-defined context is what the world is all about.

As we see in the sports world all the time, being a great teammate is just as hard as being a great player, but often more important. We engage in business relationships because we need something, and know the other person brand can get us what we need.

Childhood buddies are interesting because you had to have a much stronger, active relationship in the past. We take a really shallow view of customer development.

Finally, the other thing to keep in mind is what bonds you together with the brand? There is no loyalty. Did you buy more? The brand is what the brand does; brand meaning is complicated. These close partnerships are for better or for worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, and assumed lifelong relationships.

How did I feel? These relationships each need to be dealt with on their own terms. The ultimate dating guide for you and your customers?

Consumer-Brand Relationships: Theory and Practice by Susan Fournier

If we want strong brands we have to start with a deep understanding of the people and figure out where our brands fit into their lives, if at all. So maybe that was actually 2 questions. Mascots and slogans are branding tools that help us identify with brands, but also form close friendships with these brands.

The types of relationships brands have with consumers all contain the 6 factors of Brand Relationship Quality you might sometimes see 7 factors: Everything we do affects the brand meaning and hence the brand relationship, whether it is in the brand strategy or not.

Two keys to this are: At best, we can influence who are teammates are, but in most cases, we rarely choose them. These relationships never really end nor sour, they just end up dormant.


Disney is a consummate example of the parent child relationship. We could rethink the entire exercise of branding as risk management. American ISPs are a great example.

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Those are questions we could be asking. Or consider brand flings, which we also dismiss: What meanings are being sought and delivered in the brand? How do we get there?

A common theme when trying to venture out of compartmental friend conversation into the normal friend zone Childhood Buddies — Andy and Woody, circa Toy Story 3 Nostalgia; the finest wine of all sentiment. In some cases, entire industries carry this identity.

My doctoral student Claudio Alvarez has shown empirically that brands have less shared meaning than they have idiosyncratic or personalized meaning.

This is a hard brand relationship to nail down. Marriages, best friends, acquaintances, even flings are all ways that we can look at the brands we represent. Do they take care of me?

Map of Brand Relationship types. To think you can turn these into brand marriages is optimistic at best. You can run a whole business on that!

Consumers and Their Brands: Developing Relationship Theory in Consumer Research

Many brands employ tactics to induce flings. A fling has tremendous passion and an amazing amount of investment. Do they respond to my concerns?

Upset, I wrote a rambling, yet emotional blog post detailing how I felt about Disney at age 23 versus how I did as a child. The absence of loyalty amid competition leads to a war of attrition. Should a brand be expected to change with its consumers? These basic relationship types can be broken down endlessly, but this is a strong starting point, backed by years of research by people much smarter than myself!

As evident, a perceived lapse of integrity or a rebellious period can be very costly. Love, intimacy, nostalgia, and self-connectedness are ever present. Do we have the skill sets and conceptual frameworks to migrate to risk management?

I do not think so. Every reverberating molecule and atom of your business molds this relationship, and because of this, it is critical to understand the nature of the relationship between your brand and your consumers. Thus, if right for the brand and consumer, can be highly rewarding.