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Sustainable puma store in bangalore dating, design concept & initiative

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No paint is comeback jmenuje se dagmar online dating for those sides where the panels have been mounted.

Most of the sites run off water from ground and terrace is collected, treated and reused. By having the voids, light from higher up which is less obstructed reaches the GF. The recessed first and second floor volume generates a stack-effect for natural cooling.

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All waste water will be recycled and treated to tertiary standards and reused for flushing and landscaping requirements. As an important design aspect the suspended structure is unique due to the complexities in its engineering and also its purpose.

The Mechanical Cooling will only be turned on when required during the Peak Summer. Traditionally a sustainable effort in buildings entails working out the energy requirements for a space, figuring out how many PV panels would be required to support it and then allocating an area to mount them.

However, it did come as a surprise when it announced the location of its first self-sufficient, sustainable store in Bangalore earlier this month.

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It is, therefore, an ideal place for PUMA to introduce its sustainable store. Hence a large volume of the building has been plugged into the shell as a completely recyclable entity. Cooling the volume of air above 8' is waste of energy. There is consistent fresh air supplied from the earth air tunnel that enters the store pre-cooled, rises up through the voids, and extractors on the top suck it out, thus creating the draft.

Puma Opens ‘Sustainable’ Store in India – WWD

It will definitely put more of a focus on the design of retail space within the country which is rapidly booming. In this development, sustainable puma store in bangalore dating are using earth air tunnel system to cool the fresh air in summer and heat the fresh air in winter.

The store — located in the Bangalore suburb Indiranagar — is spread over a total of sq meters, has been locally developed and sourced and incorporates a number of revolutionary and innovative design elements to ensure major energy savings as well as environmentally friendly-sourcing practices.

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The standalone Puma building is around 11, sqft within which the area allocated for Retail is around sqft. A special insulation foam has been implemented in the roof which cuts down heat gains by reducing conduction.

A simple method used in this store is to pass air through the underground air tunnel. Miscellaneous a A BMS building management system has been installed so as to manage, control and monitor the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems and security systems.

The silt usually ends up as waste, but has now been used as a valuable resource in the sustainable PUMA Store.

Puma’s sustainable store in Bangalore might just represent the future of responsible retail

The artificial lighting used in this store is energy efficient with fewer watts being consumed for the same lumen output. It is safe to say that PUMA is the first mega-retailer to make such a bold foray into India and it will be exciting to see if others will follow suit.

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Hence the voids around the suspended volume allow light to various nooks and corners. According to Principal Architect Meghana Dutta, "The challenge was that we did not have enough area to mount the Solar PV panels needed to meet the energy requirement.

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The system proposed for this project is as follows: Front Canopy A large cantilevered canopy is provided in the front to cut early morning eastern sunlight and subsequently heat. The aesthetic and utilitarian installations will be donated to the Bangalore Municipality and remain as permanent artworks to beautify the city-scape.

She can be contacted via Twitter aksvi and also http: The ground can therefore be used as a heat sink for cooling in the summer and as a heat source for heating in the winter. It is also a lightweight material and hence the structure designed tends to be a bit lighter making reduction of materials used etc.

Under Floor Air Distribution helps to save further energy. All the clothing uses Fair trade -certified cotton. The entire volume can be unplugged and recycled.

She has previously written about CSR and ethical consumption for Justmeans and hopes to put a fresh spin on things for this column. This cycle creates a constant draft and maintains the internal environmental comforts without cooling the space through mechanical air conditioning AC systems as well as reducing the use of AC during summer.

When the space is unoccupied, the lights are automatically turned off.

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Thus use of artificial lighting is minimized. This system can give an outlet temperature of This is a novel initiative whereby people pedal on a special bicycle generator that feeds into the main power source.

Through the process of analytical studies, understanding of known parameters that are a cause for increase in energy consumption, design solutions that can negate these parameters along with other mechanisms have been designed and built in to the building system to achieve the desired results for this building.