'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Lady GaGa, Rob Marshall judge Top 8 'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Lady GaGa, Rob Marshall judge Top 8

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The night opened with a quickstep from Sasha and Pasha that the judges largely praised, but, as Marshall noted, the genre of dance doesn't really allow Sasha to shine. The judges, however, had slightly different opinions. Was it just me, or was Sasha having a bit too much fun with that boot?

Luckily for Ricky, none of the judges pointed out that he was also totally out-danced by his All-Star partner. To me, they looked like a couple of kids trying to dance like their parents.

This is my first time at the TVLine rodeo, so be gentle with me! Gaga told him, "I love that you're up there, because that's you. Mandy Moore, Contemporary Tadd may not be the greatest technical dancer, but in terms of showmanship, he is second to none.

Jess with Lauren G.

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In her debut appearance, she wore a suit composed of a black jacket, black trousers and heels with first a pearl necklace and later a choker of some sort which presumably served as a uniform that she had as part of her job as a Secret Service agent assigned to the Presidential Protection detail on Air Force One.

Did I get this right, or am I way off the mark? Personality Physical Appearance Kate had shoulder-length brown or blackish hair and brown eyes.

In addition, Kate cameron kirkconnell grouper dating wore a silver watch.

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Melanie Moore with Neil: She donned a choker of some sort in the first year of her employment at NCIS before she stopped wearing it midway through the first season.

Then, Tadd and Lauren F. Nigel concurred, saying that Sasha was now his favorite dancer, replacing Jordan, who replaced Ryan, also known as She Who Smiles at Inopportune Moments.

Jason Gilkison, Rumba Latin dances never do the contestants any favors, and this Jason Gilkison number was certainly no exception, as Jordan and Jess moved across the stage with as much fire and passion as Michelle Bachman and her husband on their wedding night.

And that's good that you've won a lot of trophies.

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They've both done better. Tadd, a B-boy, continues to pick up choreography like a pro, and kept on going even when he lost his hat.

Melanie and Neil danced a Mandy Moore contemporary routine that wowed the viewers and judges, especially with that running leap she took into Neil's arms. The judges praised him for listening to their critiques and improving - and he has been improving throughout the season.

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Moving on… Marko and Ricky: But you know what? His charisma should carry him safely through to next week, and quite possibly all the way to the finale. Firearms As a Secret Service agent, Kate was trained to use firearms.

And as if Sonya Tayeh's choreography wasn't moving enough, Marko's mom flew halfway around the world from Guam to be in the audience.

That later caused Tony to grow up in a sense and although Tony remained the same, he later developed a strong, almost fierce need to protect his NCIS colleagues from harm, presumably for the sake of Tony ensuring that they would not die the same way Kate had.

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And guest panelist Lady Gaga threw deadly footwear, dissed NappyTabs, and wept openly. And who do you think is going home tonight? Interrogation Although not a level like Gibbs, Kate was a capable interrogator.

So, how did everyone do? Now show me another emotion, thanks ever so much. She and Ivan were perfectly matched and totally connected to each other throughout the dance.

Somebody pass me a Kleenex, and pass one to the sobbing Gaga, too! She often helped her colleagues and was also skilled in composing psychological profiles of possible suspects while even displaying the skill of being able to determine which dollar was real or fake, suggesting she had been received training in money laundering.

Tadd with Lauren F. Click here to subscribe. But she offered insightful advice as a performer, and one of the numbers moved her to tears while another moved her to throw her shoes. I get it, the girl is sexaaaay.

'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Lady GaGa, Rob Marshall judge Top 8

In the second half of Season 2, Kate began wearing silver necklaces. It played to all their strengths - Sasha's powerful abandon and Melanie's technical prowess - and was definitely the highlight of the night. Caitlynn Lawson with Ivan: Possibly, after resigning from the Secret Service, Kate returned that uniform.

In the words of the insightful Randy Jackson, for me, for you, for me, this routine was just aiight. But he was far too stiff and rehearsed in this mediocre routine.

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Her NCIS colleagues tend to remember her with fondness and her memory has also survived on in their hearts and minds. In the field, Kate often wore the standard NCIS coat and wore the cap too, often keeping her hair pined up and underneath the cap as well, something her two successors would also do once they joined the NCIS team.

Kate also carried a holster with her SIG-Sauer and badge and wore both on the right side of her body, the holster wrapped around her right hip.

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Your regular recapper, Michael Slezak, is enjoying a well-deserved vacation, so please be gentle with me, your caffeine-guzzling TVLine virgin Gino Carlino. Sasha Mallory with Pasha: Like his colleagues, Tony was devastated by Kate's death and was left stunned at it, having been the closest to her when she had been shot dead which also meant that Tony had been splashed with blood from the impact with the blood covering the right side of his face.

Her codename was "Rosefern" and as such, she was one of the many agents charged with protecting the President of the United States. It looked as if the two had trouble keeping up with the choreography once the music sped up.

Overall, Kate died a loyal, devoted and dedicated NCIS Special Agent, willing to fight for her country and stop any threats whatsoever.

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After I sell a bunch of records, I take all the platinum ones off the walls, and I pretend like I haven't sold a damn one and I've got to go do it all again. The judges gave her faint praise, but it probably won't be enough to save her from the bottom four. But Jess, who had trouble with lifts earlier in the season, seemed to have no trouble with them tonight.