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Since the Iowa caucuses, I've been going to colleges and speaking to students, not just about Obama but about the importance of participating in the process.

I really liked the first one. I mean in acting you don't need an award, either, but in film you do your work and then it's sent out to people in theaters all over the place and you have no idea how people feel about what you're doing.

I went to school with Coloureds and have Coloured friends who have no issues being called by their race,they are proud of who they are countrygirl July 23, at 7: I can say I did it.

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The group is going to be called 78violet, and will soon be performing. Sure, I love to record.

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So in that sense, I found my voice. Talking about her future I am grateful to all my family for all the support and sacrifices over the years. I love to sing for people. Our first project is a Web series called Buppies, which touches on black Hollywood and has a little bit of a Sex and the City and Entourage vibe.

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July 17, Married her boyfriend of 2 years, Dr. I had short hair for a while, but I ended up loving it. Has posed in King's Magazine twice.

With being on Disney, a lot of young people look up to me and I'm becoming more aware of it, especially because of all the responses I get.

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And there are some other things that I'm good at. When I was 18, I was at the set for my video, and I felt really responsible. I started recording it a year ago. I would never get on the internet blabbing about the limited hair textures of Caucasian or Chinese people.

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When she was seven she appeared on Star Search and won twice, receiving a four-star rating when she appeared for a second time.

I'm very interested in politics privately, but I think that each individual should be politically active. At the age of four she started singing and got a taste of fame when she begged her mother to take her to an audition for Sesame Street I was very blessed to be asked to be a part of it, so subject not even having to do with it, I wanted to do it.

Tatyana isn't related at all. Just plain ignorant lwazikazi June 2, at 6: Her most recent "boyfriend" was Joel David Moore. Right now I prefer film.

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But I think it's a real fertile time to stake your claim. I really wanted the next album that I did to express who I am. That still drives me. Who is Tatyana Ali's father?

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In a traditional sense, things look bad-there are people out of work, shows aren't going up and a lot of films aren't being made, because of the fear of actors going on strike. Before you start pointing fingers at black Americans, know our history first. I wanted to explore other fields and see what else was out there, but after sitting at my computer and being in the library you know that bug kind of.

But music, you know if you're entertaining people because they either get up and dance with you or they don't. I can tell you are Black,Black Americans are always fighting against the idea of Coloured Americans being recognised as such.

Her favorite actors are Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart. I kind of had a suspicion that you were from South Africa.

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And the only way I can do that is to write it myself. Aly and AJ were focusing on individual projects, but are now back forming a new group together. I believe in fate, I believe in hard work, and I feel like if I just keep marching, the path will kind of appear before me.

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I can never stop singing.