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Swift share a New Year's Eve kiss with this fine gentelman though? Plus, the Parachute song "White Dress" is reportedly about Ms.

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Months later he cleared things up with Ellen: They never publicly admitted they were dating, but each alluded to their romance while hosting Saturday Night Live on separate occasions.

Taylor Swift's Dating History: But, at this point it looks like the country star might have a new subject: The country star's trudging up stories of love and loss.

Now, there are plenty of rumors out there about something romantic between them, but then Perez Hilton and some other outlets have suggested they're JUST friends.

They went on a whole lot of coffee dates from November to December and reportedly spent a cozy Thanksgiving together that year before calling it quits.

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Bowling Buzz All it took was a bowling trip for the rumor mill to craft a story about Swift dating Glee star Cory Monteith back in early Getty Images Taylor Swift says she's been writing " more music than ever before ," and we all know what that means: Check out all the dirt on the singer's famous exes and possible new flame here: The rumor is these two have been cozying up in Nashville, though, of course, neither camp has confirmed the news.

The two smooched for the vid, and that's all it took to get the buzz going. That's got to be a record. The two have been seen around Nashville together on numerous occasions -- and they even tweeted the same holiday picture his and hers recently!

So, is this dude inspiring her future hits? The two were coy about their relationship until it ended sometime inand all the drama unfolded.

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Parachute singer Will Anderson. When I look at that person, I'm not going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was Swift probably found out while dating actor Taylor Lautner.

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Swift dated another older man, Jake Gyllenhaal. Then addressed THE phone call: Word has it she even spent the night in his hotel suite.

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See more Taylor Swift pics here: Other times they lead to a change of heart," he wrote. They were spotted out together a few times during the height of the romance rumors, but nothing ever materialized. Jonas defended himself on his MySpace page Facebook wasn't around back then: Tay-Squared It can't be easy dating someone with your name, as Ms.

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They met on the set of Valentine's Day in October and had just a few months worth of wholesome dates -- to frozen yogurt joints and such -- then split before New Year's.

It's in His Kiss The country star typically goes for dudes with brown hair, so based on sound logic we're not too inclined to believe she really dated the star of her "Mine" music video, Toby Hemingway.

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Phone calls can only last as long as the person on the other end of the line is willing to talk. I don't know where the time is to date these days.

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These two might have had something going at some point, but we now know the actor has been romancing Emma Roberts since this summer. Swift famously summed up their breakup to Ellen DeGeneres: Things sounded a lot more innocent between these two, however.

Taylor Swift Ex Boyfriends

I did not end the conversation. I looked at the call log — it was like 27 seconds. Bad Boy Club In Februarythe country crooner was reportedly wooed by an older man: And every single song is like that.