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In your dog's area, place food, water and puppy pads, with the teacup puppy pads on the other side of the room from the food. Home raised, well socialized, potty trained, healthy, puppies that will make any family happy. The price listed is what we will accept so no offers are accepted unless otherwise noted.

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Also, if we have an older puppy that stays very small the price will likely be more not less because of age as you are purchasing a puppy with more of a weight guarantee. When you get one of our puppies you will know that it was loved and was very well taken care of.

We always send a gift basket with each puppy that has food, vitamins, treats, toys, puppy pads, a new baby blanket, registration papers, health record, tips and guarantee.

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All our puppies are up-to-date on shots and deworming and come with a one year health guarantee, free vet check and a puppy kit with food, wee-wee pads and a best flirty status ever. We usually never have huge discounts on puppies unless the puppy is older than 6 months and has not sold with the exclusion of some breeds like yorkies, maltese as long coated dog breeds quality actually increases as they mature and age due to the high maintenance of the breed.

We usually start letting our puppies go to their new homes at weeks of age depending on the individual puppy. Be smart and get your new puppy only from a good reputable breeder!!! Immediately carry the dog over to the pads and give the potty command. Depending on your taste, you can go with the dog breed you like the most and you are done.

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All the time, the dog would be there with you and on the top of it, with regards to loyalty, they remains in the top list. Check our for sale section.

Keep your teacup puppy on a regular potty schedule and feed them at the same times each day to encourage going to the bathroom at the same times. Interrupt your dog by clapping your hands if you catch them eliminating in another spot in your home.

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Confine your teacup puppies or puppy to a small area at home when you're not present. Check out our listings of Free puppies availalbe to good homes.

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The puppy is your incentive to want to pay our price as we put so much time and energy into our business and thus we have been successful. That is, to get a lovely puppy, you do not need to pay a single penny even.

They are weaned properly. We offer repeat clients discount depending on their first purchase with us and also depending how rare the pup they are wanting to purchase is.

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If this has been your all time dream to bring a puppy, then your dream is close to get fulfilled. So if you call us asking for a discount you will be instructed to sign up for a VIP Account to see what promotions we currently have going on and what pups may have a discount.

Discounts Ashley Anderson T The best part of keeping a puppy at your home is that firstly, they are so loving that you live on the top of this world. Also check our free dogs for adoption ads which has thousands of ads on puppies ready to be adopted.

This prevents your dog from eliminating in other spots of your home.

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Feed your Teacup puppies or teacup puppies and take the dog to the pads about 15 minutes after eating. Today, so many companies have come up online and they are specializing in offering free puppies.

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We have the business to sell our pups for our prices and find amazing homes for them as most clients see the value in our business and the quality that we offer. We raise small, cute and healthy little Yorkies for pets and companions.

Every day 7 days a week. Position the pads away from your toy or Teacup puppy's food and water because puppies won't eliminate near where they eat. In fact, it is never too late, so this is the right time to go for it and make your dreams come true!