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Tecan m1000 luminescence dating, integrated robotic automated assay platform

The standard concentrations can be established as well as the dilution factors and the reference values. Note Before starting to work with magellan, we suggest reading the document Notice Anomalies magellan for any malfunctions in the application Starting Tracker Version Note When using magellan Tracker, the tecan m1000 luminescence dating administration system must be customized by tecan m1000 luminescence dating designated administrator, who is responsible for the setup of user accounts and for the assignment of user rights.

Refer to the Instructions for Use for magellan for further details. This new feature allows the emission spectra of stable luminescent signals to be recorded at 1 nm resolution using the instrument's emission monochromators, making the Infinite M an ideal platform for luminescence-based assay development.

In the first InstallShield Wizard window the components, which are required prior to installing Magellan are shown. We recommend to create at least two User Administrators. This option allows the user to establish the temperature inside the reader. Microsoft Excel Only bit editions supported!

When selecting an item in the control bar the corresponding dialog or plate view is displayed in the Plate Layout window pane on the right side of the screen.

Demo mode allowed in the Options dialog is selected by default. The Language Selection window appears next. The Number format window allows the user to define the number format extraer metadatos online dating the displayed raw data or transformed data.

Each wizard can be started either by double-clicking or by selecting it and clicking the Next button Instructions for Use for magellan No Rev. The Customer Information window appears next. This dialog is also accessible via the Start Measurement dialog box before starting a measurement.

Connect to the proper instrument Convert the measurement parameters to those compatible with the connected instrument. Founded in Switzerland inthe company has manufacturing, research and development sites in both Europe and North America and maintains a sales and service network in 52 countries.

Dual optical channels allow measurements from above or below the plate by mouse-click. Note The available parameters to be defined depend on the instrument connected. In case of any magellan measurement or status error sthis archive contains all well data, status e.

No 16 17 2. The Destination Folder window appears next.

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Current command info User name of the currently logged in user. Sample IDs Control Bar: Kinetic Parameters Control Bar: This option allows connecting magellan to an instrument.

By default, all file types associated with magellan are stored in subdirectories in the appropriate directory This allows scientists and technicians to choose the most appropriate parameters for quantifying nucleic acids and proteins as well as for any ELISAs or general molecular biology assays, using predefined protocols in Magellan software.

The H2O2 Substrate was added during cell treatment. Choose your preferred language. Kinetic Data Reduction Kinetics Transformations: Leaving these components installed will not harm your system.

Polarization data reduction for fluorescence polarization measurements Spectra data reduction for wavelength scans Cuvette data reduction for combined plate and cuvette measurements Add new transformation item The Plate layout window is opened, displaying the plate layout and the Transformations dialog input field.

The Attach Signature wizard is used to sign method and workspace files.


Luciferase reporter mechanisms have become commonplace across a broad range of disciplines, making development of recombinant luciferases and novel substrates an important area of research.

Light to and from the samples is focused by a lens and high quality excitation and emission filters are easily accessible from the front of the instrument. The Login dialog box contains the following elements: Make sure that an instrument is connected or that Demo mode is allowed.

For any kind of transformation the transformation name is displayed. Instrument feature see the corresponding Instructions for Use for more information.

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Read the License Agreement and click I agree to accept it and continue. For a detailed description, refer to chapter Temperature Control At least one user administrator must be created. These default paths are valid for all users.

Instrument Port Stacker Port Select the connected instrument from the drop down list or select Find any.

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At the end of the wizard the new or modified method is saved as. You can register later see chapter 2. Name of connected instrument. A registration is possible afterwards No serial number is delivered.

The Administrator must always be trained by Tecan or a Tecan authorized organization.

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Click the Print Preview If an already existing file is modified, the path to the current location of the file will be opened. The filters are arranged in filter slides; four excitation filters and four emission filters can be outfitted into the filter slides.

After the measurement is finished a workspace file is created. The Tecan GENios offers the major advantage of simplifying a number of laboratory procedures as this one instrument can now replace several existing testing systems.

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Printed Report Data Handling: In the Show combo box a file filter can be defined in order to get only those methods in the list, which fulfill the selected criteria: Screenshots are replaced only if content related to application has changed. It handles microplate formats from 6- to wells, to provide flexibility and convenience for all molecular biology applications.

If you are not sure what to do, we suggest to not remove the shared components. A Welcome Window appears with information about the software and the installation process.

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The setup program is now ready for installation. Select or enter the Target temperature and click Set. The Register magellan wizard can also be opened over the miscellaneous icon in the wizard list starting page. As an original equipment manufacturer, Tecan is also a leader in developing and manufacturing OEM instruments and components that are then distributed by partner companies.

After entering the User name and Password and clicking OK, the message Your initial password is only valid once.