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She's anesthetized, the surgeon does his thing — stitches her back up, sends her out to the recovery room. And she wakes up, and she looks down at herself, and she says, "Why is the wrong side of my body in bandages?

Because according to this, getting something wrong means there's something wrong with us.

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So effectively, we all kind of wind up traveling through life, trapped in this little bubble of feeling very right about everything. Because, unlike God, we don't really know what's going on out there.

You know, we're already wrong, we're already in trouble, but we feel like we're on solid ground. And what I'm talking about is this.

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Do you remember that Loony Tunes cartoon where there's this pathetic coyote who's always chasing and never catching a roadrunner? And the crypto-theme is: The miracle of your mind isn't that you can see the world as it is.

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The first thing we usually do when someone disagrees with us is we just assume they're ignorant. So I should actually correct something I said a moment ago. But the thing is, the coyote runs off the cliff right after him.

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And when that doesn't work, when it turns out that people who disagree with us have all the same facts we do and are actually pretty smart, then we move on to a third assumption: And Hosni Mubarak thought he was going to be the dictator of Egypt for the rest of his life, until he got too old or too sick and could pass the reigns of power onto his son.

We can remember the past, and we can think about the future, and we can imagine what it's like to be some other person in some other place.

We come up with another idea. And what's funny — at least if you're six years old — klechdy domowe online dating that the coyote's totally fine too.

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Most of the time, we don't have any kind of internal cue to let us know that we're wrong about something, until it's too late.

I'll give you an analogy. There's actually a gentleman in the front row who's doing a perfect imitation of her look. Everything seems to have gone fine. We just spent an entire week talking about innovations and advancements and improvements, but you know why we need all of those innovations and advancements and improvements?

The theme of this one, as you guys have now heard seven million times, is the rediscovery of wonder. And yeah, it is also why we get things wrong.


So why do we get stuck in this feeling of being right? Laughter Applause So here we are again. And we want everybody else to gaze out of the same window and see the exact same thing.

Laughter I've spent the last five years of my life thinking about situations exactly like this — why we sometimes misunderstand the signs around us, and how we behave when that happens, and what all of this can tell us about human nature.

Because half the stuff that's the most mind-boggling and world-altering — TED — eh. He just keeps running — right up until the moment that he looks down and realizes that he's in mid-air. I mean it can be devastating, it can be revelatory, it can actually be quite funny, like my stupid Chinese character mistake.

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It's totally fundamental to who we are. And I have to tell you that I thought I was writing an incredibly nerdy book about a subject everybody hates for an audience that would never materialize. We learn these really bad lessons really well.

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To me, this obsession is the source and root of all of our productivity and creativity. And something else happened instead. This might strike you as a strange career move, but it actually has one great advantage: So we just insist that we're right, because it makes us feel smart and responsible and virtuous and safe.

That is not true, and if it were, life would be incredibly boring. And somewhere in the middle of South Dakota, I turn to my friend and I ask her a question that's been bothering me for 2, miles.

You're sitting there in class, and your teacher is handing back quiz papers, and one of them looks like this. Laughter Where's my jet pack, Chris?

And a lot of us — and I suspect, especially a lot of us in this room — deal with them by just becoming perfect little A students, perfectionists, over-achievers. I think it's a problem for each of us as individuals, in our personal and professional lives, and I think it's a problem for all of us collectively as a culture.

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We love things like plot twists and red herrings and surprise endings. We go to meetings in the present tense; we go on family vacations in the present tense; we go to the polls and vote in the present tense. That's when he falls. Laughter In fact, most of us do everything we can to avoid thinking about being wrong, or at least to avoid thinking about the possibility that we ourselves are wrong.

Laughter Realizing you're wrong can feel like all of that and a lot of other things, right? No offense, but this entire conference is an unbelievable monument to our capacity to get stuff wrong.

And when you feel that way, you've got a problem to solve, which is, how are you going to explain all of those people who disagree with you? How does it feel to realize you're wrong?

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Except that then we freak out at the possibility that we've gotten something wrong. In other words, as you heard Chris say, I've spent the last five years thinking about being wrong. And so I'm listening and I'm listening, and at some point, I start feeling like all the stories are about being wrong.

In fact," he says, "as a staff, we joke that every single episode of our show has the same crypto-theme. Augustine, sat down and wrote "Fallor ergo sum" — "I err therefore I am. How does it feel — emotionally — how does it feel to be wrong? Laughter They have all the right pieces of the puzzle, and they are too moronic to put them together correctly.

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Laughter So this is one reason, a structural reason, why we get stuck inside this feeling of rightness. Think back for a moment to elementary school.

It's like we want to imagine that our minds are just these perfectly translucent windows and we just gaze out of them and describe the world as it unfolds.