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Tenchi meets his grandmother Airi-san and sees the true face of his grandfather Yosho, where he is then let in on the Masaki family secret. Ryu-oh is destroyed, and so is Tenchi.

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She returns and submits her report. Seto takes Azusa to Jurai. She gives Seina an application to Galaxy Police Academy which his parents force him to sign. Ryoko, Aeyka and Sasami become the official residents of the Masaki house.

The counteractor nearly kills Tokimi-sama. The Kamidaki is heavily damaged in battle but manages to deliver a special package to Seto-sama on Jurai. Misao and his grandfather the head of Galaxy Police are punished for their role in the attack on Tenchi and Earth.

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Apparently after they are pulled out of that timeline, Z comes and pulls her to Clay is assigned by Tokimi-sama to capture Washu. His location on Earth immediately becomes known to Seto-sama.

Azusa is defeated, and Tsunami rescues Azusa. Seina is given a new ship called the Kamidaki II, a gift from Washu. February of Kagato comes to Earth seeking the ultimate power. March of — Ryu-oh is resurrected. Sasami goes with her. After a short stay, Azusa and Funaho return to Jurai.

Tokimi-sama attends the wedding. Sometime in the future 1 — Misaki goes insane after outliving everyone she loves and cares for by a large number of years. Tenchi is sliced by Z and sent out of the timeline to the past, then to the future before returning to the present where his kami-self is revealed, which kills Z.

Seina meets Azusa, Misaki, and Funaho on Jurai. Fall — Nobuyuki marries Rea. She leaves Azusa on Earth where Azusa meets Funaho.

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October of — Ryo-ohki-chan is born. Ryo-ohki-chan fuses with Masu. Yousho defeats Ryoko and takes her final gem.

Kagato makes a comeback. Kiriko is bonded to the 2nd-generation tree Mizuki. Tsunami appears and resurrects him. Her true powers become evident in her rampage as she begins destroying Jurai. Yousho learns of Airi and the fact that he is the father of Minoaho.

Funaho asks Washu not to make anoth er Ryo-ohki. Ryu-oh is damaged beyond repair.

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Tenchi uses Light Hawk Wings for the second time. Tenchi fights Seriyo and wins thanks to Mihoshi. August of — Tenchi accidentally frees Ryoko. Azusa talks to Masaki, the sister of the first Emperor of Jurai.

Kagato is destroyed, and so is Soja. Spring 2 — Mihoshi sends a letter to her twin brother Misao. Seriyo is captured by pirates on a training mission. Washu assures her that it will never happen.


Noike arrives and moves into the Tenchi household on Earth. Yousho seals Ryoko in a cave and marries Kasumi. December of — Mihoshi crash-lands on Earth. Seina discovers a myserious, ancient mecha unit which has an astonishing secret.

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Clay is captured and escorted to Galaxy Police. September of — Ryoko is officially resurrected. Spring 1 — Mihoshi sends a letter to her twin brother Misao. May of — A Jurai delegation arrives on Earth. Tenchi creates Light Hawk wings for the first time.

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Seina is chosen to be in the special decoy program. The letter is intercepted and modified by Z. The letter is intercepted and modified by Noike from the future. Tokimi-sama pulls the astral form of the young female Kagato out of Noike, where Washu then removes Dr.