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Completed continuous showing of more than one year in Lahore. Film business[ edit ] This film celebrated its 'diamond jubilee' one year runninga highly successful movie. Close We Want Romance Period - Lyric Song We want romance period luv and dance period Maana ke college me padhana chahiye Padhana chahiye likhana chahiye Romance kaa bhee ek lecture hona chahiye Jo ho romance period, luv and dance period Maana ke college me Not just that, our post production studio has been a part of some world-class film restoration and VFX projects.

She falls in love with a Pakistani boy named Ali Shaan who is a banker and also her dad's friend's son.

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In the last scene, the lovers arrive at the Pakistan-India border where they see a Pakistani Flag and their emotions are filled with joy and relief.

S, Africa, Asia etc. In The Morning - Lyric Song In the morning, by the sea Too na milee dil padhayee me laga nahee Ek bhee din bin tere college gaya nahee Din hain padhane likhane ke tum aahe bhar lillusionniste online dating Fees man bap kee barbad kar rahe In the morning, by the sea Ali realises what he feels lost without her and goes after her.

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Fail jo huye milegee naukaree nahee Naukaree ke bina milegee chhokaree nahee Naukaree ke bin hee mujhe too jo mil gayee Lottery jaise meree nikal gayee In the morning, by the sea Laila majanu hir ranjha sabko padhaya jaye Romeo juliet shiree aur farahad banaya jaye Doctor engineer kee tarah aasheek bhee banaya jaye Har aasheek ko medal are milna chahiye Romance kaa bhee ek They both are delighted to see each other but Preety's friend in India, who is also in the Indian Army, is not able to deal with Preety falling in love with a Pakistani as he wants to marry her.

After the pilgrimage, she goes back to her country. College me romance kaa teacher bhee ho kuchh romantic Bas ek sanam chahiye yeh yeh aasheeki ke liye Classes me taiyar kare toh woh jakar ke naye aasheek Nache gaye roj manaye college me woh picnic Har teacher ne bhee pyar karna chahiye Likhana chahiye padhana chahiye Pyar muhabbat kaa subject ho sabke liye jaruree Har college me dilwalon ke beech na ho koyee duree Pyar bina na ho sakatee hai kabhee padhai puree Dil dena chahiye dil lagana chahiye, padhana chahiye Romance kaa bhee ek Padh lo jara likh lo, jara o mere hero Varna imtihan me aa jayega zero Pas fail kee fikar kisko meree jan Pas tere pyar kaa karna hai imtihan In the morning, by the sea Ippi ya ya ippi ya ya Hai gulabon me chehara tera khvabo me chehara tera Padhata hu jab mai aata hai najar kitabon me chehara tera In the morning, by the sea Plot[ edit ] The story is about a young Indian Sikh girl Preety played by Zara Sheikhwho goes to the historical city of LahorePakistan for a religious pilgrimage of a Sikh holy place there with her father.

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K, Middle East, the U. The couple flees and after days of hide and seek, Ali is finally able to destroy the Indian Army cars following them. Our library of rich and varied content is sought after in the U. He sends his forces after the two lovers by claiming that they are spying for Pakistan.

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