I TFM PART 2 CHAPTER Foreign Currency Accounting and Reporting I TFM PART 2 CHAPTER Foreign Currency Accounting and Reporting

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Foreign currencies held under dollar accountability will continue to be reported at the exchange rates prescribed for computing charges and credits to dollar receipt, appropriation, and fund accounts.

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Reductions should be offset against current requests, or shown separately in the letters of request if the offset method cannot be used. Treasury will verify that amounts of reservations established in each country are within the limits of actual currency receipts from the available sources under the authority cited in agencies' letters of request.


Foreign Exchange - This term is synonymous with the term foreign currency. Consequently, expenditures of reserved currencies for purposes other than that for which reserved as a result of maintaining reservations on an unfunded basis may not be applied to appropriation limitations until the currencies are later replaced and spent for the appropriation for which reserved.

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Certificates will not be issued to reserve an excess currency if such action would affect the excess status of a country. An agency requiring foreign exchange from Treasury will make request of the Secretary, indicating the amount of exchange required, in units of foreign currency, and the name and location of the accountable officer to receive the exchange.

The portion of agency requests which exceeds current availability will be filled as currencies become available. These procedures are not intended to place prohibitive limitations on the content of agency reports. Ordinarily, a copy of the regular monthly statements prepared by accountable officers will meet this requirement.


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What does TFM2KAU2FO mean?

When there were like two options for that? Translate - This term is used to describe the act of determining U. In cases where international agreements or Office of Management and Budget allocations specify the programs for which foreign exchange may be used, Treasury may transfer foreign exchange to agencies without requiring a certification.

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These are sure to make you chuckle as well as reset your batteries so you can get back out there with some optimism. The accountable officer will maintain records showing the collections, by source, and indicating the miscellaneous receipt accounts or other accounts in the Treasury to be credited with dollar proceeds from sale of the foreign exchange, and such further classifications as may be needed to indicate exchange which can be used only for restricted purposes.

Quarterly reports of foreign exchange received by accountable officers and credited directly to miscellaneous receipt accounts of the Treasury will also be submitted.