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The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh

Perks, bonuses and increased vacation time are the most common employee benefits extended to valuable employees. I was not surprised to learn that Jairam later called on Sonia's friend Suman Dubey and thanked him for the job.

He was still red with anger. Co-working spaces have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional workspaces.

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In this instance, he felt even less the accidental prime minister sanjaya baru online dating he was not the political authority that had appointed them to these ministerial positions. Singh dealt with the Siachen issue. One senior leader told a senior editor, 'What does Baru think?

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Like Greek epics and Shakespearean plays, Indian epics too have no untainted heroes. Whenever Karunanidhi sent an emissary with a message, Dr Singh would set aside all other work and meet the DMK emissary.

The Accidental Prime minister: When a colleague got caught, as the DMK minister A. The PM sat stiff in stony silence.

The Accidental Prime Minister (The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh)

Dr Singh's silences in UPA-2, for which the media mocked him, made me wonder whether he too was consumed by impotent rage like Bheeshma. Mischief, thou art afoot, Take thou what course thou wilt!

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The way I saw it, if the Congress had lost, the blame for the defeat would have been placed squarely on the PM's shoulders. She mocks Bheeshma for seeking refuge in the finer points of dharma.

To me, it was a reiteration of the message that the victory was not his but the family's.

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I have to do this for you. He would deal directly with them, not bothering about rank and protocol and focusing on getting the job done.

My nickname for him, while talking to friends, was 'Ed', for J. On September 26,shortly after he was appointed one of the party's general secretaries, Rahul Gandhi led a delegation of all the party general secretaries to greet Dr Singh on his birthday.

His apparent commitment to ensuring Rahul's succession, perpetuating the Congress party's control by one family, was even more misplaced.

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This is not a biography and not a authoritative examination of the Prime Ministerial career of Dr. He seemed to derive great pleasure in letting me know that he kept a tab on the credit-card spending of influential editors.

As prime minister,Dr Singh always received Karunanidhi at the portico of 7 RCR, and not just at the door of his room, as was the norm with most other visitors. Only the Indian Express made the additional remark in its dispatch the next day that 'Sources said that this issue had been on the PMO radar even before Rahul's elevation to the party post.

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Its architects, engineers and artists have custom-designed every office space while prioritising natural light, comfort, productivity, and inspiration. On critical occasions, Mishra was willing to push the envelope and take things forward on behalf of the PM. Dr Singh's approach was a combination of active morality for himself and passive morality with respect to others.

I suggested to him that he should summon the foreign minister and demand a briefing.

Directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte, the film will be released on December 21, 201

He expected the Congress party leadership to deal with the black sheep in his government, just as he expected the allies to deal with their black sheep.

Nair depended a great deal on Pulok Chatterjee, a joint secretary who had worked with both Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia, for advice on important policy decisions. But in UPA-2 when corruption scandals tumbled out, his public image and standing took a huge hit from which he was unable to recover because there was no parallel policy narrative in play that could have salvaged his reputation.

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Tell me what you think I should know, without fear or favor. I reminded him that the Left had a track record of doing just that.

I warned him that if he did not act now, the rest of his term would be wasted. Rarely, too, did Dr Singh's daughters or Sonia's children join the Congress president and the prime minister at social gatherings.