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I'm gonna listen to the album and maybe it was potentially an album of the year but the Grammy's still have a commercial component to it.

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That's why we need to support the people that support us, and not just particularly the breakfast club 105.1 online dating black thing.

I see people walking a line slower or getting patted down, you know I gotta tell you this one good story about class. And I looked at the coach line for customs and it was completely empty. So you hadn't even heard the Beck album when you did the rant?

People were saying no I'm sure he heard it, he had to have heard it to say that KW: I hadn't even heard it man, I just all laughing AY: Did you reach out to Beck after though?

That's why it's interesting to hear you get at the Grammy's cause you could be selfish and say 'well I've got 21, whatever' KW: We don't get none of that advertising money. I ain't got the answers on how to change the voting system, I ain't got the answers on how to make it everyone is honoured in the proper way, and sometimes maybe there's two people that should win.

Like if you go to my house Imma hit the stunt button for a second. Who's to say who should win?

Nicki Minaj at The Breakfast Club - Power 101

So class is one of the things people want, you want to be first class, but in a plane crash everybody dead. Charlamagne you do that all the time, you say somebody is wack without hearing the album CTG: I mean ghetto is fun.

Did you reach out to Beck after you heard his album like maybe I slipped up a little bit, maybe I went too far? I can't even say if Beck didn't deserve it cause I didn't hear it AY: That's what my main point it CTG: And that was an argument we had cause I was like Kanye might not know, a lot of people hadn't even heard Beck, I'd never heard it, so.

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I bet you the album is really good. But I think it'd be a class thing to. We always say this is a black show, you know it's gonna be a while.

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But I admit it! They wanna sell commercials, so they have these big superstars sitting in the audience and they're advertising they're performing 'coming up next' that's what they try to do to get those views.

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Some of the things, when I first came out with the idea of DONDA and I was tweeting out all these idea; airplane design, this design, this design. You see my 21 Grammy's laid out that my wife forced me to take out of the bathroom and put in one place CTG: When did I do that?

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Why you think superstars go where they're tolerated, like yourself you go where you're tolerated but not celebrated. You don't have these people sitting here and you know, have them and their hearts beating and stuff like we work too hard for all that, to be losing in a situation where, cause I mean who's winning?

You know you see of course like me and Kim, we can take private but we really wanna be in the airport, we wanna be next to the people. And this is what this is about, this is why I respect this show because this is the voice of society, this is I'd say the voice of the barber shop, this the voice of the streets, and you know the Grammy's are, it's a statement of classicism.

Nicki Minaj at The Breakfast Club - Power 101

We went over to the coach line and got through right away. Y'all don't play with us. I get inspiration when I see what people are wearing, I get inspiration when I see what people are going through.