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The dating divas newlywed game,

If your mother-in-law were an animal, what animal would she be?

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What is the honeymoon destination that your spouse would most likely choose for a second honeymoon? Three questions were asked this round.

The couple with the most points won the game and from tothey won a grand prize chosen just for them in actuality, the couples had requested a certain prize and competed with other couples that had requested the same prize ; starting inthe grand prize was always a second honeymoon a trip.

What bill does your husband complain about most?

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Many marriages end up in divorce. If all the tied couples went over, the couple who had the closest guess won. Who does your wife talk to on the phone the most?

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What do you like best about your spouse? Making Love A very personal subject, make sure your players have a sense of humor before using this set of questions.

When did you and our spouse dance first and to what song? Who is the messiest in your house? How would you describe your spouse on your wedding night?

Have you ever bought anything and kept the purchase a secret from your spouse? Who among you guys is good at remembering things? Who did you wife last date before you were married? When did you have your first fight and what was it about?

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If your spouse could wear one of your clothing items, what would it be? This section does not cite any sources.

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Popular Newlywed Game Questions What gift that your spouse gave you came as the biggest surprise? What color did your wife wear on your first date? Engagement and the Wedding Weddings often proof hectic and seem not to go as planned. For the first season of the revival Brad Aldous served as the announcer.

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When your spouse leaves the house, what time is it? What frightens your spouse the most?

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Theme songs[ edit ] The theme music originally started off as a vocal song called " Summertime Guy ". What is the most she has ever paid for a pair of shoes?

If you had a day off alone and could do whatever you wanted, what would it be?

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What will you do for your 25th anniversary? Is your car rear, front, or all-wheel drive? What grade would you give your spouse for their lovemaking?

My husband's first kiss was like a Who caught the bridal bouquet? Format Changes Edit When the show started, the gameplay was slightly different.

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What is one thing that your spouse does for you that they hate, but does because you love it? How long does your love making usually last?

How would you describe the perfect weekend?