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Will you tell us anything?

The Seduction

Upstairs, the woman-hater slugs her and leaves black-and-blue welts over her left eye. It's an old Indian thing.

Shy Michael, many times standing alone and at the bar by himself, often looks enviously at the off-limits Linda and shares lingering glances with her. When a big rig passes, Nick challenges Michael to take a huge risk: Awkward with women, he lurches toward her for dating site funny taglines humor dance, wildly spins her around, offers her a Rolling Rock beer "the best around"and then inarticulately asks: Nobody ever knows what the f--k you're talkin' about.

The reception hall is decorated with symbols of the flag, black and white poster-sized photographs wreathed by the stars and stripes of the three local boys going to war, and a banner reading: Michael Vronsky Robert De Nirothe eldest, strongest, and acknowledged leader of the group, serious sportsman and believer in the "one-shot" philosophy; called a "control freak" Nick Christopher Walkenpossessed of a gambling nature Steven John Savagelow-key, soft-spoken, vulnerable and sensitive They join up with two other workers: What am I gonna do when she has a baby?

It is also loosely edited, with under-developed character portrayals and unsophisticated, careless film techniques.

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Those are sun dogs In the early morning, the protagonists of the film are introduced as hard-working blue-collar workers in the steel mill as they shower and leave the factory for the last time before three of them ship out for a tour of duty in Vietnam.

He bets his truck against Mike's Caddy. The film's credits, white letters on a black background, are accompanied by Stanley Myer's music and the the deer hunter 1978 online dating title theme by John Williams.

He concentratedly stalks the majestic creature, aims with his telescopic lens mounted on his rifle, and fires only one clean shot - a ritualistically-pure killing.

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Nick, however talks about his aesthetic love of the scenery and appreciation of the mountains and trees while hunting: All he's got is that stupid gun he carries around like John Wayne. The deer has to be taken with one shot. This ambitious drama displays the reasons for the protagonists, all believers in the American dream, to leave home for the conflict overseas: His all-male code, expressed in sexual slang, emphasizes the quickness with which the prey or enemy target in life is taken "with one shot" - to avoid cruelty.

Nick's beaten-up girlfriend Linda requests refuge in his place during their tour of duty. What am I doing? His words foreshadow the coming conflict in war.

Three pink-dressed bridesmaids run along the street with gift packages - two of the three are the girlfriends of Stan and Axel Mary Ann Haenel, Mady Kaplan, and Amy Wright. The woman pats her growing abdomen knowing that she is already pregnant by another man and that her future husband is going off to war and may not return.

After Nick covers his buddy's stark nudity, they talk sitting back-to-back - stripped of any pretense, about their feelings for their hometown and fears about the future - and Vietnam.

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The jocular Michael, Nick and Steven, Vietnam soldiers-to-be, extend the soldier a drink and a toast, and saunter over to talk. The film is structured around the metaphor of 'deer-hunting' - both from the viewpoint of the hunter and from the perspective of the game target.

There are few extended sequences of dialogue, although the film is richly detailed with realistic scenes of interaction between the protagonists.

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In the darkness of the dawning next day, the five friends minus Steven drive toward the glistening mountains [filmed in North Cascades National Park in Washington state] for a final deer hunt, their favorite past-time, before three of them are sent overseas.

I don't think about one shot that much any more, Mike.

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I try to tell people that - they don't listen. Mike recklessly speeds and drag races the big rig on the narrow road and wins the friendly bet, but declines to accept Nick's truck.

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I sound like some a--hole, right? I ain't gonna hunt with no a--holes. He expresses reverence for the hunt with its various rituals. On stage in a traditional ceremony, the bride and groom link arms and drink red wine out of a double cup, after being forewarned: While a drunk drinks from a paper bag on the corner street, the tightly-knit Russian-American community joins together for the traditional Russian Orthodox church wedding of Steven to Angela, inside the dirty town's cathedral glittering with stained-glass windows, a giant chandelier, a choir loft, flowers, and candles.

It means a blessing on the hunter sent by the Great Wolf to his children The Story First Act: Theodosius Cathedral in Cleveland. One of their colleagues warns: Instead of confronting the lascivious bandleader, Stan avenges his manly honor by nastily knocking his girlfriend to the floor.

He is infatuated with Nick's girlfriend and wishes that he could be in his buddy's place.

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In each other's company on the way to Welsh's neighborhood bar, the steelworkers jam into Mike's old white Cadillac. On a rocky ridge, The Deerhunter spots his quarry - a towering buck with a full head of antlers. I like the way the trees are on the mountains, all different.

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The sound of the rhythmic whirring of approaching chopper blades in the green jungles of Vietnam intrudes and segues into the next major portion of the film. Director Cimino was also criticized as distortedly and one-sidedly portraying all the Vietnamese characters in the film as despicable, sadistic racists and killers.

Some of them joke that Steven's impending, honorable marriage to Angela Rutanya Alda later in the day threatens to interfere with the final, farewell deer hunting trip that Michael has planned. I guess I'm thinkin' about the deer, goin' to 'Nam.

I like the trees, you know?

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The rowdy, sweaty, tired group pops foam-spraying beer cans and carouses with drinking songs until quieted by the soft piano-playing of John - the proprietor of the bar.

I fixed you up a million times. Before leaving, as she gets ready to attend the ceremony, she hurriedly serves a tray of food to her abusive, obscenity-shouting, alcoholic father Richard Kuss.

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But the experience - and everything they know about duty, honor, courage and manhood expressed in the first act's ritualistic deer-hunting sequence - is wrenched apart and shattered in the face of the gruesome war. I'll tell ya, Nick. When Angela throws her bridal bouquet, it is caught by Linda - and Nick quickly pops the expected question: Just don't leave me.

One shot is what it's all about. I love this f--kin' place. I understand nothing anymore, nothing