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In the flashback, Wayne attacks the two people holding him, then forces the hat on his boss.

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He enjoys it, and says she has won the show. Several couples are shown being kept awake, including Ned and Edna revealing the fate of Nedna. Burnsthe boss of the power plant, which results in Wayne being fired. In the meantime, while making crackers for Bart and LisaMarge daydreams that she has become a contestant on the cooking show Master Chef.

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On the show, Marge is a contestant and Tom Colicchio judges her meal. The story spreads quickly and a news segment the falcon and the d ohman online dating features an interview with Wayne with Kent Brockman and an animated Taiwanese dramatization of the incident at the tavern soon airs on television.

The gangster and his henchmen travel to Springfield, abduct and torture Homer when they find out that Homer is Wayne's friend. As soon as Wayne comes out, he soundly beats up Snake.

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Entertainment Weekly released two videos, one with the robbery at Moe's Tavernand the other with Comic Book Guy opening the episode with a prologue, telling viewers about his summer and having the new season premiere on his computer. Homer, driving his car, offers him a lift and to join Homer at Moe's Tavern for a beer.

Background[ edit ] Al Jeanexecutive producer of The Simpsons "The Falcon and the D'ohman" features a reference to the previous episode of the series, the twenty-second season finale " The Ned-Liest Catch " that aired on May 22, The result of the poll was revealed in "The Falcon and the D'ohman"—a majority had voted for the couple to remain in a relationship.

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The flashback shows Viktor as one of the shooters. Again he becomes frustrated. The man drops his gun and, when it hits the ground, a bullet flies out. The show is ended by Wayne remembering when he was forced to write a play for Kim Jong-iland Nedna thanking the viewers.

Ned and Edna are one of these couples, and they are shown flirtcafe kontaktbazar each other in bed, revealing that 'Nedna' will remain a couple.

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Annoyed Grunt " playing a colonel and the second being the episode " 24 Minutes " playing his character Jack Bauer from the television series Wayne comes back to the bar, he sees Snake attacks him, saving the barflies martavius jones dating websites Moe.

It revealed the fate of Nednawhich was left to a viewer's online poll after the last episode of Season The show is judged by Tom Colicchio and he praises her crackers, awarding her the prize of a new kitchen. During the closing credits of the episode, Ned and Edna thank the fans for voting for their relationship to continue.

Wayne says that he will have a beer with Homer, but otherwise they won't be friends.

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Then Agnes belittles him for planning to compete against the couple when the polls are closed and predicts that she will never have any grandchildren. Inside a closet, Wayne loads a t-shirt gun with t-shirts and gasoline, and lights it with a blowtorch kept inside a compartment in his arm.

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Wayne walks out of the house, but is stopped by Marge suggesting the DMV as a place to work. When we need to do our own lyrics to an established hit song, [composer Alf Clausen ] usually arranges and records a 'sound-alike' that tries to capture all the spirit and nuance of the original so that the audience immediately identifies the track, but allows us to add our own vocals.

The sequence had to be licensed, as it was under copyright in most parts of the world. Homer requests a fist bump, but Wayne rejects.

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He is grabbed and squashed in the same manner as the polar bear, causing Wayne to yell, then escape Homer's grip and run. Flanders then comes to the window. Afterwards, Wayne is having a meal at the Simpsons' housedue to Marge giving anyone who saves her husband's life a free meal.

At the DMV one day, when Sideshow Mel requests that his spot be held while he fetches paperwork, Wayne whose flashbacks are triggered yet again grabs him and states that no one held his spot when he was a prisoner in North Korea and forced to write a ridiculous musical play paying tribute to Kim Jong-il while having a car battery hooked to his nipples.

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Wayne comes in and hears the song, causing a flashback to occur. Apparently, Wayne accidentally killed Viktor's wife with a stray bullet on a previous mission. Kyle Lemmon of Under the Radar gave the episode a three out of ten rating, concluding that "this new episode is rarely grounded in any kind of reality.

For example, in a sequence at the beginning of the episode, Homer sings about working at the power plant to the melody of The Police 's song " Walking on the Moon ".

Later, Slater is walking home in the rain.

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At the school cafeteria, Dolph grabs Bart demanding his lunch money, but Bart attacks him and Kearneyand threatens to kill Jimbo making run away with mashed potato in his ears.

During the closing credits of the episode, Ned and Edna thank the fans for voting for their relationship to continue. Wayne tracks Homer down through tracking devices he unknowingly ate, frees him and kills all of the Ukrainian gangsters, including Viktor.

At the DMV, he has a flashback to the time he was a prisoner in North Korea and was forced to write a ridiculous musical play paying tribute to Kim Jong-il. Thus, the Ukrainian gangster and his henchmen kidnap and torture Homer as bait to lure Wayne. Extreme Snack Edition hosted by Tom Colicchio guest voicing as himself.

While Wayne is in the bathroom, Snake dramatically crashes through the door on his motorcycle to rob everyone.

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Homer comes and tells Marge about Wayne. It received a 3. It is discovered that Wayne is a highly trained former CIA black ops agent, who decided to go into hiding in Springfield.

American chef Tom Colicchiowho is a judge on that show, guest starred in "The Falcon and the D'ohman" as himself.

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The next day, after work, Homer is driving home in the rain. Burns then presents Wayne with a silver hat as a reward, and begins slowly placing it on Wayne's head, causing Wayne to have a flashback.

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He has a flashback the same as when Lisa played her saxophone, but this time it is extended. One night, while Wayne is walking home in the rain and hail, Homer sees Wayne and he reluctantly agrees to let Homer drive him to Moe's Tavern for a drink, but after that they will be having a courteous professional relationship, telling him there won't be a secret Santa with him in it, they're not trading lunches, and he doesn't want Homer calling at his home telling him to "turn on to Channel Six ".

Promotional images[ edit ] Marge fantasizes about being a contestant on Master Chef: Wayne shows Lisa an interrogation technique to use on Bart.

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This is a rare instance. The kidnappers get annoyed and start attacking him while a card covers the camera. Wayne opens the door to the power plantfinding himself covered in cameras.

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He is being skated around by several gangsters. Wayne talks in his sleep about a past mission, causing couples in the nearby houses to lose sleep.

Homer permits Wayne to stay in Bart's treehouse. The bullet is shown travelling in slow motion towards Viktor's wife. Full Story The episode begins with Jeffery Albertson in a room with large quantities of Simpsons memorabilia.

Viktor's wife enters the room and is shocked to see the scene. Also, the result of Nedna is revealed.