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The Gang Broke Dee

What's hilarious and what I love about 'It's Always Sunny' the Gang is completely oblivious to as why Dee is near suicide from lack of esteem?

The Best part of this episode is Kaitlin Olson's 'Dee Reynolds' performance whether she's doing stand-up jokes drunk on stage or all of the crazy sound effects she's making. When the rest of The Gang tries to insult her, she anticipates their insults, and tells them that she just doesn't care enough to fight back.

However, Dee who's now locked the door doesn't want to look at the pics, and she tells him to go.

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But Dennis was not in on the joke either, and Dennis tries to act like this doesn't bother him, but clearly it does. Dennis continues to insist Dee will bomb, and he has another man for her, a real winner named Walt. On the jet, Michael Rotenberg tells her that they will go straight to Conan.

Was this review helpful to you? The turnaround and Ending is hilarious, unexpected and just horrible!!

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After Dennis insists to be let backstage, Dee comes over. The gig is opening for another comedian named Landslide, and it's in a much bigger theater.

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The gang has never once even treated her like a human or given her an iota of respect! Dennis tells him to go away, but Dee seems alt hookups completes by that. Dee's career seems to be going well; she gets more gigs, soon headlining at the same theater where she'd opened for Landslide before.

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Dennis orders Dee to come over and meet Walt, insisting that she will "never succeed at anything," but she refuses. He shows her some Polaroids of men he found for her, but he is interrupted by a talent scout named Snyder who tells her he wants to help, and gives her a card.

Charlie's real life wife 'The Waitress' ain't too bad either! Why is it always low-brow humourless imho shows like 'Raymond' that wins?

Dennis seems very jealous and upset by the whole thing.

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Backstage at the comedy club, Dee appears to be taking her new found success seriously. Anyway, Kaitlin as Dee in this show is excellent and shows all of her acting chops. She is eating a cake that Frank threw away nearly a month ago, smoking, drinking whiskey out of the bottle, and generally looks like she hasn't bathed in days.

Dee counters by telling him Snyder got her a gig, and shows off a new act with a lot of sound effects. After the show, FrankMacand Charlie go to congratulate Dee.

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Charlie, Mac, and Frank explain that they did it to show she could sink lower, and to get back at her for joking about suicide, "because some things you just don't joke about. Dennis makes a show about how much he doesn't mind that he wasn't in on the joke, but runs out very upset.

Mac is indeed a lucky Man! The Gang decides since "we realize we may be in some ways responsible for the state you're in", they're going to help her out. Boy, is she a Swan Now!!

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The Gang, along with everyone, greets her with a hearty round of "The joke's on you! She goes backstage, where people are running around. Dennis goes to Dee's apartment to show her some new men he's found for her. We then see that Snyder from last night is in the apartment in his underwear. I bet in real life when she was a teen in school everyone called her 'A Bird' out of cruelty.

A man who identifies himself as Michael Rotenberg introduces himself to Dee, telling her that one of his other clients was scheduled to go on "Conan" and had to cancel, and he wants her to fill in.

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Dennis continues to try to find Dee a man, and she continues to reject him. She tells them that she might as well throw herself in front of a bus, "because I'm so ugly I can't even get a bus to hit on me.

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Why hasn't she or this show Won an Emmy by now?? Dennis accuses Synder of using Dee or vice-versabut Dee denies this, and claims she is truly attracted to Snyder "He's They pledge to start supporting her.