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Perhaps it has something to do with an odd scholarly preference for something that often sounds like a style shaped by a lifetime of Anglice reddenda exercises or the equally quaint notion that the translation of an old epic should be in some ways significantly different from modern English.

A way had to be found to remove the peace message the message that Rome couldn't accept for hundreds of years. We have to supply the missing: War seems to be ingrained in mankind.

What god was it then set them together in bitter collision?

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Bryn Mawr Classical Review And it's true that Book 24 does achieve an incredible sense of gravitas - finally - in the discussion between Priam and Achilles, as they mourn together. Unfortunately, if even Christ himself couldn't get mankind to give up on war - as even the horrors of war and endless mourning as depicted in the Iliad never deterred infernal armies through the ages - then nobody can.

There is no "majesty" or "grandeur" - if Greeks considered this work a foundation of their culture, how could they spend time, effort and money constructing temples to rather human-seeming gods? Yet the ethos of warfare, conquest, piracy, theft, greed, Greeks enslaving Greeks, plunder, and so forth - continued throughout antiquity despite the book which could perhaps be taken as a warning to avoid war.

How could I be interested in such a book?

The Iliad of Homer

It does offer a glimpse into a mythical past, into an honor-bound culture that I suppose formed a template for later generations of Greeks.

Recommended to Helen by: On the other hand, the gods in the Iliad do regularly intercede in human affairs, and do more or less correspond to the belief that they are pleased with offerings and that faithful sacrifices to the gods will lead to the gods in turn fulfilling the humans' prayers.

Although this might sound corny, the fact that Christ was anti-war - was the complete opposite of the heroic, honor-bound ethos of the Iliad - was what made him and his message so subversive, such a threat to the established, warlike order of antiquity.

The girl I will not give back; sooner will old age come upon her in my own house, in Argos, far from her own land, going up and down by the loom and being in my bed as my companion. The solution - was it the two adversaries finally sitting together and grieving - Priam weeping for Hektor, and Achilles for Patroklos, as both finally felt human emotions?

It's sad but true, nothing has changed since the time of Homer. I must have read this years ago, but this summer re-read it for a reading group at the local library - and a very interesting experience it has been reading and discussing this classic now, so many years later.

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No amount of education or even religious education can seem to change the tendency of countries or tribes to fight one another or even to fight each other - intra-tribal conflict. No wonder Christianity was somehow made "acceptable" to Rome by linking it to warriors, bizarrely, such as Constantine.

What I knew was that it was mostly a dreary recounting of battles - monotonous almost - and in that I was mostly correct. War is a curse - that results in endless mourning - on both sides. Despite the above, I of course had to give the work a 5-star rating.

Here, too, the rhythm maintains the hexameter but in the process ends up sounding awkward and forced, anything but an outburst from a passionate man who has worked himself up into a temper.

The unremitting warfare and ultra-violence is as I remembered it. For a more extensive preview of Lattimore Book I, annotated use the following link: Even today, there is no country that can forswear war and its horrors.

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And many countries nominally are filled with Christians - but even Christianity has been twisted to "justify" so-called "just wars. It's most unfortunate, but the barbarism of paganism persists, one way or another, with Christianity seemingly a thin veneer of morality over our civilization.

It wasn't the solution obviously since warfare, and the political framework that sustains the military in all countries, continues. Perhaps that is the moral of the story. Also - the gods as depicted in the poem, are "all too human I must have read this years ago, but this summer re-read it for a reading group at the local library - and a very interesting experience it has been reading and discussing this classic now, so many years later.

In fairness to Lattimore, one has to concede that many readers obviously settle into to the somewhat odd style and do not share the discomfort I experience.

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Over and over the old man prayed as he walked in solitude to King Apollo, whom Leto of the lovely hair bore: So go now, do not make me angry; so you will safer. Also - the gods as depicted in the poem, are "all too human" - many times, absurd, bickering, even scuffling among themselves.

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