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I had one in my mind recently.

Tom Tykwer to Direct The International

He made his first short, Because, inand his first feature, the dark psychological drama Deadly Maria, three years later. Even the collapse of this bubble that the system has driven itself into is something that has been predicted forever.

But it also had to do with the fact that I was obviously obsessed with all kinds of other issues and ended up making these hybrids where there are genres intertwining. Which phrase best describes your philosophy on life?

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Well, I got involved in this over six years ago. How the international de tom tykwer online dating did it take to first orchestrate and then shoot? After completing his compulsory national service in Frankfurt, Tykwer spent 10 years working at a Berlin movie theater as a projectionist and then a programmer.

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I not only get to behave like an architect and a musician, in this case, one of the biggest fun elements of it was that I could become the curator of the Guggenheim museum.

Tykwer clearly enjoys himself as he focuses on the mechanics of the genre and, while the movie is thoroughly entertaining throughout, the shootout sequence in the Guggenheim Museum is a truly masterful action set piece that takes The International to a another level.

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Luckily, they were super inviting and very curious about our film and very open minded about how they could support us. I mean, more action — excuse me?! This is what I mean: Your last couple of films have been studio pictures, so do you see yourself now as a Hollywood director?

I ended up realizing that it would be really fascinating to work with video art, and also because of our wish to make the film as contemporary as it gets.

The International (2009)

If a studio like Sony approaches you, they know this is something that supports what they are looking for, because they are looking for a particular vision from somebody like me. German writer-director Tom Tykwer, arguably one of the most exciting auteurs in world cinema, has been immersed in movies since he was a child and always seemed destined to become a director.

With a script by Eric Singer, the film centers on the obsessive quest of Interpol agent Lou Salinger Clive Owen to take down the International Bank of Business and Credit, a shadowy power player in the global financial market.

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How different does not being the writer make your approach as director? He followed up with the offbeat arthouse romance The Princess and the Warrior and then brought another unconventional love story, Heavenwith a script by the late Krzysztof Kie?

All along, though, he planned to make a straight thriller, and it finally has materialized in the shape of The International.

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Did you replicate all the pieces from the Guggenheim for your fake Guggenheim? One of the things that intrigued me about that sequence was the art that you have in the Guggenheim.

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Perfume and Run Lola Run have both had thriller elements in them already, without being thrillers. Born in the town of Wuppertal inby the age of 11 Tykwer had picked up a Super 8 camera and begun making films. You sometimes blow your private life and all your social existence so totally to shrapnel, it just needs to be worth it, I guess.

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Inhe attracted attention with Winter Sleepers, about the repercussions of a car crash in a small skiing town, and then had a massive hit with the kinetic Run, Lola, Run, whose stylish mix of sensory barrage and narrative audacity made Tykwer an international star.

At the age of 14, he got a job at Cinema, the local arthouse theater, where he would stay after hours, repeatedly watching Blade Runner.

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I had not done a genre movie, but I was always really attracted to trying to find one. What first attracted you to this project? And I was very protected in this case. What attracts you to projects like these?

Funnily enough, I did this full-on, big really demanding movie in between and all the way along I was continuing to develop this.

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Ultimately, I was just insisting because I thought the idea was so good, but it brought some people to the verge of a nervous breakdown … Filmmaker: This created a million new problems because you have light issues — you have to light a place and still be able to have enough light to light your characters but at the same time not too much light to blind all these screens of projections and stuff.

At the same time, I think I really needed the script to transform itself into something that I really believed could be that somewhat defining thriller of our time. They have a virtual presence.

Pakula obviously is probably the quintessential filmmaker for what we would call the paranoia drama.

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The Princess and the Warrior, Heaven, they all actually have. However, as Salinger and Manhattan Assistant D. I guess the reason it took so long is because I have to slip under the skin of the script, to make it my own in a very similar mode to when I write it myself.