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The l word bette and tina hook up twice, this series provides examples of:

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She wins in the end, though. In season 2, Tina tries to hide her second pregnancy from Bette, afraid of the pain it would cause if Tina experiences another miscarriage. Her body is discovered in the pool shortly afterward. And there have been rumors of Moennig being involved with Francesca Gregorini and her co-star Clementine Ford which Ford denies.

Helena would rather donate money to a shelter for single mothers and their children rather than give Bette an art grant? What are you gonna tell her?

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It was the organic friendships, it was the disappearing characters. And unlike Carmen, Molly actually accepted Shane for who she was. Season six Edit Bette moves back in with Tina, and they decide to adopt a second child using a surrogate mother. Tina and Helena had one in the second series.

Sarah Shahi was cast in a starring role on the network TV cop drama Life. Look at all these women! It would kill us, you guys, if you wound up like Mimi and Ivy.

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What is wrong with my baby sister to go off and leave her pregnant wife all alone for some crazy-ass bitch to go off on? The conclusion was a poorly-written anticlimax that came way out of left field.

You are fucking pathetic, Marina. Jenny in Season 5. Below, our bloggers weigh in on the the l word bette and tina hook up twice and worst of The L so far. Bette fears Tina will take Angelica away from her by pelicula de maradona la mano de dios online dating a family with Henry.

Oh, okay, please with the details! Is there anything I can do?

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And it's not "stealing your girlfriend" if your girlfriend already broke up with you, because you cheated on her. She was a villain from Bette's point of view. So take him back to the groomers now and get orange ribbons so that he can like you again.

Tina getting together with Bette can also be seen this way, as her coming out story during an episode in Season 1 mentions explicitly that Bette was the first, and at the time of that episode, the only woman Tina had ever been with.

At Bette's urging, Tina gives up her own career in order to have a child, leaving Bette as the sole breadwinner. What, did she tie you up and leave you? Oh god, especially Mimi and Ivy.

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Helena's affection for Dylan in Season 3 appeared to be unrequited because of this, but as the season progressed the situation proved to be a lot more complicated than that.

As the series progresses, however, Bette begins to support Kit's attempts to turn her life around, and their relationship is shown to improve.

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Throughout the entire series, Bette has a reputation for throwing fits and tantrums in public and private when things do not go her way. Somehow, he avoids being stabbed or thrown in jail.

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No matter how stressed-out I get. We wouldn't have been late if you hadn't spent 15 minutes in the bathroom.

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Season one Edit Bette and Tina's relationship appears to their friends as very strong. The Lez Girls subplot of Season 5 was a lampshade cannon on full-autoaimed primarily at Season 1.

She confides all of this to Kit, including Jenny's misconception. In addition, Bette at first has a difficult relationship with her older half-sister Kita recovering alcoholic who has often let her down.

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Dylan was Put on a Bus after Season 3, but then returned to become a major character of Season 6. Bette becomes this trope in Season 4, when she joins the university faculty. After Tina begins to see Helena, however, the group appear to rally around Bette, who is now aware that Tina is pregnant again and has a great desire to raise their child together.

Yeah, well bring it on, because I could use a little nice, uncomplicated, boring, boy-girl sex masquerading as love. Bette, Alice and Shane were acting like buddies, and I had really missed that.

The best and worst of “The L Word”

Except for learning what a merkin is and Jenny calling her vagina wig. A hilariously hammy one to C Harlies Angelsusing seventies-style laser-weapon-looking gaydars it found out Alice's orientation bisexualbut not Jenny's. She becomes involved with a divorced father, Henry Young, and Bette has her move out.

Except the problem with Helena was that she was originally presented as almost like this predator of pregnant women. An on-looking Jenny mistakes this activity for a sexual moment between the pair, and captures it on her cellphone camera.

The swimming pool in Bette and Tina's backyard existed primarily to provide these scenes.

The L Word - Bette & Tina

Shane chasing Molly away at the end of Season 5. Negated Moment of Awesome: So what's the scoop? Well, should we call a doctor?

Bette is also shown to be very bossy and domineering with Tina and everyone else.