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Spoilers Even as an independent film, it could have done much better all the way around. Overall, the movie does not capture excitement or viewer attention.

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The scene where a man takes a direct hit from a bomb and is vaporised, with just his rolling helmet remaining, is mesmerizing. The Russians had already signed a truce, allowing the Germans to withdraw a lot of their troops from the Eastern front and sending them to the Western front and the French and the British had lost too many good troops at Ypres BelgiumVerdun France and the Somme region France.

TIC kenschnauzer 23 June This is crap!

Jump City: Seattle: ...

You'll want to turn this movie off 10 minutes into the wire s03e09 online dating. Then you'll eventually see a "marine". It's like they read their lines, and waited for the other person to read theirs and that's it.

In the beginning, you see alien craft converging in a war. It all happened in reality and it is all shown very well in this movie. The killing continues unabated, and there is plenty of blood and action to suit even the most action craving viewer.

Well, than this might be the surprise of your life.

The Lost Battalion

All in all, a very enjoyable and well-made film! Was this review helpful? Sections of this movie are listed "LA" "Manhattan" etc. Sign in to vote.

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Relatively long scene transitions mix with relatively short scenes cater to an awful watching experience. Check out the elevator scene in that movie.

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In production, it seems like they just went with pre-production and skipped post. It all seems so futile. Yet, even without romantic interludes, there are very few minutes in the film without some sort of action.

Sound is horrible, acting is horrible, props are horrible, and special effects are horrible. The background music was never suspenseful.

Being European myself, I know that it is very popular in Europe to throw mud at everything that has something to do with the US army, especially since they started the second Gulf war.

In particular, it tells the true about a battle that resulted in the awarding of 3 Medals of Honor. But the Americans plan to stay and the resulting battle over the next 3 days or so is graphically depicted. They don't have NAV's, nor the right kind of setup.

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This film contains a lot of battle scenes and they are quite bloody. Should have stuck with a simple multicam. They are also wearing the wrong camo. Of course you probably wouldn't have the budget to hire A list actors, but the acting itself, reminds me of simple teenagers and their friends coming together and trying to create a movie.

In my opinion this is far from a propaganda movie: ADR and sound work was horrible at best.

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Acting is not fluid at all, movement is not fluid at all. There is too much to list of what is wrong in the movie, so I'll talk about the acting.

Watch The Lost Battalion (2001) Full Movie Online Free

Naturally, the Germans want the Americans out of their area and put forth a maximum effort to dislodge them. My partner and I were open mouthed in awe.

Props are cheap for gear for military.

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If the part of this is suppose to be in in Manhattan, then why is a driver operating a right hand drive vehicle?