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The Lunacy of Duke Venomania

However, the video style and animation will mimic that of an actual visual novel. The daughter of the Marquis Glassred, she is Venomania's main target of affection and the reason why he makes the Deal with the Devillater being enchanted to join his harem.

The duke states his intention to stay in Marquis Ferdinand's mansion for the night. Venomania wipes his memories of his encounters with him and Lukana visiting in his shop.

He planned to assassinate his older brother because he was jealous of his relationship with Gumina, although in the end he was the one killed. For a brief summary of the plot, you may listen to the song and watch the PV here: Purple hair to match his Purple Eyes.

Incidentally, so is his blood. Even when tied in a bun, it reaches all the way to her ankles. Yufu Sekka Arranged Marriage: What she does with Lukana and Rajih after being freed from Venomania.


Even his demon form is sexy looking. Blue to Lilien's Red. The project is under Rosa Blanca Productions. She gets away with three murders, but then it turns out it wasn't even her.

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Meanwhile, Rajih stands outside of Marquis Ferdinand's mansion and recalls his own childhood memories of Lilien and Lukana, as well contemplating his romantic feelings for Lilien. Stalker with a Crush: Rosa Blanca Productions is an independent group composed of unique talents that creates AniManga dramas and original storylines for fun.

You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: She was in an Arranged Marriage with her cousin Sateriasis, though she only saw him as a friend, and was more in love with Cherubim, a.

The emotions to be conveyed in each line are found in the document. Purple eyes and purple hair.

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To Yufina, as a benefit to Marlon and Beelzenia. His role in the manga is to explain the aftermath of the previous chapters to Karchess, and let the audience in on the fact that no one can remember Venomania being in town.

Loyal, chivalrous, a good friend to Lilien and Lukana Cherubs are often depicted as having multiple faces, connecting to Cherubim's deformity. Killed at the start of Cherubim's contract, he's only shown in flashbacks and Cherubim's own monologues about his past.

As a member of the Netsuma Clan, and she does indeed have magical powers.

Ilotte Venomania

It's All My Fault: You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Other Characters Karchess Crim "I have the strength to take back the one I love" A Count who had been having an affair with the married queen Yufina Marlon, and is hired by Maylis Beelzenia of the Beelzenian Empire to search for the missing women, coming onto Venomania's trail.

In Venomania's mansion, Lilien dances with the duke, becoming the newest member of his harem. This later is the cause of his death by another sin vessel. Gets pregnant with the Duke's child, which eventually leads down to Banica Conchita.

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It was regardless of their status, age, or marriage. Even the demon abandons him. She's described as the daughter of a local lord, and marries the powerful Duke Ilotte.