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While Lisa is talking to her parents' grave, she hears a sound and investigates a crypt. Matthias and his half-human vampires want to kill Neville. Burton compares these to the famous one-liners in Arnold Schwarzenegger 's film career, such as "I'll be back. Thanks a lot, you cheating bastard!

It was decided, as it turns out, that it fit quite well into the storyline and was subsequently left in.

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Neville lives in a garish, antique-strewn L. In it, she spots a female Family member depositing a dead newborn mutant.

Production[ edit ] The film differs from the novel and the previous film in several ways. May Learn how and when to remove this template message The script for The Omega Man contains a scene in which Lisa visits her parents' grave.

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It may not live up to its classic source material, but The Omega Man transcends its limitations often enough to offer some mildly entertaining post-apocalyptic thrills.

The Omega Man was filmed in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday afternoons, an area that consists almost exclusively of office buildings, and therefore was suitably vacant at the the time of production.

At night, he fends off a bloodthirsty horde of mutant scavengers garbed in Spanish inquisition robes and sunglasses, led by Matthias Anthony Zerbea former television newscaster in his good ol' pre-mutant days. InMatheson's novel received yet another incarnation - this one with Will Smith in the Heston role.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This objective was accomplished in part by simply filming on a Sunday morning in the center of LA's business district, when pedestrian movement is limited.

The Heretics

Neville's last man on earth lut1 420 dating is shattered when he comes across a group of young people, presided over by the sexy and cynical Lisa Rosalind Cash. Screenwriter Joyce Corrington holds a doctorate in chemistry and felt that this was more suitable for an adaptation.

Neville is shocked at first, but then embraces Lisa. Corrington stated that in developing the script for The Omega Man, the character of Lisa, played by Rosalind Cash, was created due to the rise of the Black Power movement, which was particularly prominent in American culture at the time the film was made.

The film is full of irony-tinged one-liners that are spoken in a manner to elicit a comic response. Neville begins to form an interest in her, as the two try to keep Matthias and his minions at bay. The eponymous hero and protagonist, Mark, is also based on Neville's character concept of a man of action.

Grace Unplugged

After discussing whether Heston received any flak for the kiss at the time, Goldberg said that she wished that society could get past interracial relationships being an issue, at which point Heston leaned forward and demonstrated on the unsuspecting Goldberg. Lisa believes that all children, including her unborn baby, will suffer the same fate.

Later, Lisa returns to Neville and tells him of the woman in the crypt. Heston wrote in his autobiography, In the Arena, that The Omega Man was Cash's first leading role in a film, and that she was understandably "a little edgy" about doing a love scene with him.

Unknown to Neville, Lisa is pregnant, and she seeks comfort from her deceased parents before Neville and she leave the city forever.

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Charlton Heston is Robert Neville, the sole recipient of a serum that enabled him to survive an onslaught of germ warfare between Russia and China - which seemingly rendered him the last normal human alive. An Autobiography, he mentioned that the "crucifixion" scene with Neville was not in the original script.

Heston explained, "It was in the seventies that I realized a generation of actors had grown up who saw me in terms of the iconic roles they remembered from their childhoods.

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Neville asks Lisa if she "took care" of things and Lisa responds that since she may be a grieving parent in a few months, she will not kill a grief-stricken mother.

He said that when he originally saw The Omega Man, it was the first instance that he recalls seeing the use of certain types of "cheesy one-liners" in film. While the scene was cut from the final film, the screen credit for "Woman in Cemetery Crypt" remains.


A scene from the Oscar-winning documentary film Woodstock was used in a scene where the main character starts up the film inside a movie theater; it is implied he has watched the movie many times before.

While speaking to the long-dead salesman sitting at his desk, Neville replies, "Uh-huh, alright, how much will you give me in trade for my Ford? The film takes place in Los Angeles, and as part of the plot, the city is supposed to be void of human activity except for Neville.

During the day, he roams through the vacant city.

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Several tricks were used to make the city appear deserted. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Lisa can see the mother's grief and empathizes with the woman's loss, despite them being on different sides. Interracial kiss[ edit ] Charlton Heston and Rosalind Cash about to kiss in a scene from The Omega Man Whoopi Goldberg has remarked that the kiss between the characters played by Charlton Heston and Rosalind Cash was one of the first interracial kisses to appear in a movie.

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