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Jake was not paid as much as people would expect.

On the plus side, Gemma Arterton is the Princess

Prince of Persia 4, is called "Prince of Persia", the makers of the game gave the series a whole new character, story, and the game now has cell-shaded textures in it.

If you are referring to 's Prince of Persia, he is a thief and a tomb raider. Color of the skin is not enough to ruin a movie for me. Katie on Oct 26, 76 I've heard that they are even considering making it a trilogy. However, he did not makehis first debut on the big screen until I don't care about the color of the skin, that would make me racist.

I'd imagined a screen POP would be physically strong but a bit more sinewy, like an athlete or acrobat. Are they all happy and willing to pump up on steroids cos I know u cant get that big so quick naturally.

Jake Gyllenhaal net worth? Diego on Aug 11, 9 He doesn't look persian at all.

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What's the point of him being the Prince of Persia if he has a farmer's tan? Ameer on Aug 16, 67 dude. Kat on Apr 10, 82 i was so excited abt dis film bt now im notjake looks so gay in long hair.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal married?

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Jake Gyllenhaal started acting in Pockets on Aug 12, 40 Piece of crap. Not Jake Gyllenhoitytoity, who wants to be "taken less seriously" as an actor. Fisherman on Aug 12, 41 They could have gone with the guy who plays Suresh on Heroes. Who was prince of Persia?

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Jake was credited for the famous full frontal nude shower scene but the scene was actually performed by his stand-in actor Nick Dash. What is the best prince of Persia game?

Personally, I think he looks awful. Josh on Aug 11, 2 trunks and goten age difference dating sure his hair could look any more fake.

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Obi Nneji on Aug 13, 58 So is that a sock stuffed down his pants or does he still get a boner every time Kirsten Dunst holds his hand? The warrior can't be hurt by magic or your blade. Probably won't watch this mainstream Disney movie, have to keep my faith in the games.

Also, it not out for almost another 20 months, relax people, this is just the beginning, I'm sure it will keep getting better and better.

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It's gonna be like the Scorpion King But let's face it most people who do reviews like this aren't respectful. Tommy on Aug 15, 63 "So is that a sock stuffed down his pants or does he still get a boner every time Kirsten Dunst holds his hand? Tomb Raider as the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time, before it was surpassed by Warcraft in He also came very close to being the next face of the caped crusader, narrowly losing the starring roll in "Batman Begins" to fellow actor Christain Bale.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince of Persia... The Sequel!

And with that I hope this Movie Kicks Ass! As the son of a director Stephen Gyllenhaal and a screenwriter Naomi FonerJake had regular exposure to filmmaking due to his family's deep ties to the industry. Inhe was cast "against type" as a frustrated Marine in Jarhead, and later in the year he won critical acclaim as Jack Twist in the controversial film Brokeback Mountain, opposite Heath Ledger.

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Lauren on Aug 11, 22 I thought to be a Persian prince you had to look a bit more I don't know, Persian? But maybe it'll be better than 10, bc. I don't think he's persian, but a better match than Gyllenhaal. Release[ edit ] Disney's marketing strategy included a step by step release of the film.

Before the Sandstorm, which will act as a prequel to the film.

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Just so all the bad reviews are proven wrong It was striking and shocking at first, but now I can actually see it and I think it should be good.

How tall is Jake gyllenhaal?

First Look: Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time!

Viper on Aug 11, 21 This looks terrible. Shero on Aug 13, 52 Let's we don't forget when Heath Ledger first announced to get the role of Joker The film overtook previous record holder, Lara Croft: The action is non-stop, Alfred Molina provides comic relief as a jokey gambler leading a gang of tax evaders, and there are topical references to the use of weapons of mass destruction to justify invasion and conquest.

Not by looks nor attitude. He looks less like a Persian prince and more like a surfer dude.

Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia?!

Jake's fake girlfriend looks awful too. Sean Kelly on Aug 11, 29 Nope, he might have beefed up for the role, but his face and voice still resemble a 12 year old, can't get Bubble Boy out of my head.

It's made on authentic desert locations in Morocco and photographed by John Seale, who won an Oscar largely for focusing his camera on tracts of sand in The English Patient.

Starting out with a virtual reprise of onetime Montez co-star Sabu as the cheeky thief of Baghdad, the movie proceeds to tell the tale of low-born Prince Dastan Jake Gyllenhaal in unusually volatile formadopted son of the King of Persia, being framed by wicked courtier Ben Kingsley.

Witherspoos is much moe attractive. I think I need to hear him speak with an accent. Referring to the Prince from Sands of Time, there are strong implications, given the references Vizier, a Muslim scholar serving a monarch, and Sultan, a ruling monarch who is Muslim.

I heard he was borne by two mothers, being too much baby for just one.