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The difference is where Bergman, dissects his characters down to nothingness, Tarkovsky includes mysterious post-men obsessed with miracles, a maid who may be a powerful witch, a man with the chance to re-create the universe, and a love making scene in mid-air?

A prayer on film. It is important to remember that Tarkovsky is not a very accessible film-maker, and his films make great demands on viewer's patience and attention, but if you are willing to make the effort you will be rewarded by an unforgettable experience.

I watch it again about once or twice a year, like a ritual or an annual holiday I would be taking into levels of consciousness where the mind is not really required.

A family on a small Swedish island, find out the world is about to end there's nowhere to hid and nothing that can be done The lead character seems like a stand in for Tarkovsky himself, his views on nature, art, God, progress, and humanity, seem to match pretty closely with some he gives in the interview section of the DVD.

Images of nature, water and fire feature prominently, as does the shifting from colour images to black and white.

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Andrie Tarkaovsky's final film takes elements from Ingmar Bergman, "I Am Cuba" with a story that if not influenced by, is a kind of psychic cousin to the later works of Philip K. It's the story of a man who saved the world, without anyone ever knowing it, and the trade off, man must make with God, in order to survive.

It's still slow as all hell, but the intensity of the story helps balance out the visual pace.

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I do not understand, and I do not feel like I have to, it is secondary. And when he meets with magic while making love with the witch he creates the bridge that will take him from reality into mystery.

Dick, end of the world paranoia, reality manipulation, and the religious specifically Christian ecstatic vision all merge together in 'The Sacrifice", with a lot more force and clarity at least for me than in any of his earlier films.

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It is obviously created around an idea of sacrifice, being both a gift to others but also to ourselves. It's not as instantly impressive as some of Tarkovsky's other films, but I think this maybe his strongest movie, all around.

Every person who enters the house, he starts seeing under a deeper if not more expressionistic light I suppose it will remain with me for my entire life. By offering his life in order to save his family, his grandson and the world, the main character is also giving a true meaning to his own life that had mostly been of artificiality, questionings and shallowness.

That Tarkovsky moves with such subtly between psychological study, religious allegory, and science fiction tropes, should'nt be too much of a surprise considering his early philosophical SF films like "Solaris", and "Stalker" which I may re-watch, cus of this film, though I hated it before.

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I consider it Tarkovsky's last will, but even more so a piece of the Human Heritage that should be protected and kept accessible for future generation. When he learns that about an imminent nuclear war, he makes a desperate pact with God. With films such as "Andrei Rublev", "Solaris", "Mirror", Stalker" and "Nostalghia", Tarkovsky enriched the world with powerful works for art.

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I feel touched like only pure and silent beauty can touch me, or bliss. The story concerns an elderly academic who lives with his family in a rural part of Sweden.

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This is the best movie I have seen so far. So far this doesn't sound too different from Bergamn's "Shame" where a couple try to escape from the world and war, on a similar small Swedish Island.

The whole film is as breathtaking and self-sufficient as a painting, or even more so, a Russian icon. The film is astonishingly beautiful, like all Tarkovsky's films.