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One of the most disturbing scenes is one with Lytia and Terry Crews's character. She delivers all of the black-mom-disparaging jokes, but I'm not fooled: Cocoa Brown's character, Lytia, is told by her youngest son after he shames her for her lack of education when she doesn't know the answers to his homework that he "isn't his brothers or his dad" and she has to let him grow up and be a man.

She talks freely about sex in the conversations with the other single moms.

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I won't apologize for them. She has one child.

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That when a man wants the single womans club tyler perry kiss a woman, he will, because she doesn't know what she wants until he shows her? Lytia's daughter's name was Rashawna. And when I say much, I mean it.

Tyler Perry's vision of black women is not only woefully narrow, but abusive. But their lives and personalities are straight out of the one-dimensional Woman Playbook that Perry has become known for: Once, she missed the bus and was late getting her children to school, so she accepted a ride from him, but made it clear that it did not mean she was interested.

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She is polite and funny and her language is precise and her clothes look like she shops at Macys. Only black women end up as single moms that are unwed and unsupported, Perry seems to say. The white single moms tell her how "strong" she is.

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It was a jab, written not as a "deep moment" but as a deliberate gag. Black single moms have a bunch of kids! She lives in a ratty apartment complex. Amy Smart's character, Hillary, is told by her daughter to "Stop making everyone leave us. Never is there flirtation in her meanness to him.

And then buy amy kahne online dating are Lytias, who Perry casts as the comical foil to May's perfection: There are Mays, classy, sexually pure women with no bad habits, who Tyler Perry's character, TK, obviously wins by the end of the movie, and who exist to remind us of the virtuous woman we should all strive to be.

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There is no single mom's club. She wears leopard print pants and other bright colors. Before all the parents including my mom jump up and exclaim over the reality of kids blaming everything on their parents, let me say, "Sure. Perry makes a point, I would say, of illustrating that the women are shoddy disciplinarians.

Those are Perry's jokes.

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Crews is his typical clownish self, courting Lytia at the diner where she works as a waitress. She slaps people and says "girl" a lot.

In fact, most of the racist, misogynoirist lines were: Crews's character then grabs her, slams her against his truck, and kisses her again.

Unless you're a black single mom like Nia Long, Perry's logic goes: The most telling scene is when Lytia is the first to arrive at Hillary's home for a single moms meeting. That's a man's role, I think Perry would declare, which is evident in the way that all of these women's lives are "fixed" by the end of the film.

I wish I had been keeping a tally. Perry's casting incarnation of the sassy black Mammy character reveals itself in full force as Lytia swoops in, scoops up the baby, stops its crying, and tames the other boy with a whisk of her hand.

In a conversation with the other single moms about sex, she reveals that she has been celibate for a long time. When I say forcefully, I mean he grabs her, and smashes his face into her face. Eventually Lytia gives in and kisses him back, forcefully, and they take turns slamming each other against the truck while making out.

Affection and violence go hand in hand for Lytia, and in a film that is supposedly about self-growth and soul-searching, Lytia isn't allowed to grow beyond that prescription.

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She shoves him off, slamming him into his truck. Unlike the other women in the movie, she has no flaws: But have no fear -- Lytia is here!

Crews comes up from the kiss and Lytia looks dazed, still pushing him off.

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Barely a scene passed where some joke at Lytia's expense wasn't being flung into the dialogue. Perry's insistence on painting himself as the savior in his films is distracting and irritating.

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Olivia Cole writes a blog at oliviaacole. She asks Lytia because as a black woman, she must be the expert, right?


Her infant sits crying in the highchair and her young son spins aimlessly in the kitchen -- I'm not really sure what he was doing, actually. She says, "I am a woman, okay! Their children hate them --sometimes inexplicably -- and blame them for everything.

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I'm trying to save you from seeing this film, after all, so yes, there are spoilers. The women are always apologizing to their children, their lovers and their bosses. The movie is tiresome for a number of reasons, which I will discuss here. In these two women, Perry reveals to us his feelings about black women.

Meanwhile, no one is apologizing to them: All of the single moms have some kind of drama with the fathers of their children: He's a single dad, but he's normal!

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She has no bad habits. However, at the end of the evening, Crews forcefully kisses her. Then there is Cocoa Brown's character, Lytia. She waits tables for a living. Black single mothers are a joke to him, it seems, worthy of little respect and standing in their own way.