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Scully meets the First Elderwho tells her that the people at the HDR facility were part of an inhuman experiment by Zama. Mulder doesn't believe him, but he is called by Scully on the Red-Haired Man's cell phone.

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Duchovny performed the stunt himself, the x files 731 online dating the use of a double. One patient, Escalante, hides beneath a trapdoor during the arrival and follows the group to a secluded field nearby.

After the explosion was recorded, a bell from the train was recovered some distance from the site by the physical effects supervisor Dave Gauthier, who had it polished and engraved with a message for Bowman.

The Red Haired Man claims to be an agent of the National Security Agency and informs Mulder that there is a bomb on the train, which activated the moment he opened the locked car with Zama's security code. Inside Zama's compartment they find journals hand written in Japanese.

Scully questions X on how to help him; he tells her to look into the chip that was removed in her neck, which will help her learn more about the train and who killed her sister.

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After the car is disconnected from the rest of the train on a remote rail sidingMulder questions the Red-Haired Man, who says that the patient is immune to biological warfare.

Act One Edit Scully loses contact with Mulderwho loses his cell phone as he jumps aboard a moving train. When questioned by Scully, X tells her to analyze her implant, saying that it will give her answers about the train and her sister Melissa 's murder. Meanwhile, Mulder enters the train and finds that the secret railcar is quarantined and protected by a security system.

As Mulder searches the train for Dr. Forty-five gallons of gasoline and black-powder bombs were used for the effect.

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However, Handlen felt that the version of events told to Scully in this episode was perhaps a better explanation for the series' mythology than its eventual resolution, noting that it might have offered "a conclusion whose emotional impact would've lived up to the intensity of early mythology episodes" such as this.

He searches for Zama, enlisting the train conductor for help. She is brought before the First Elder. Twenty-five masked actors, mostly children, laid over prop bodies for the scene with the mass grave.

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As Mulder opens the door out of the train he is jumped and beaten unconscious by the Red Haired Man. By poking and prodding it, Pendrell has effectively destroyed the chip.

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The review noted that the episode was "strangely tension-free", though it derided Scully's stubbornness to believe what the series had established as truth. Scully tries to contact Senator Matheson and X but has no luck. The unit was responsible for human subject research on both prisoners of war and civilians.

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Escalante shows her the mass grave but is killed when soldiers arrive to capture Scully. Mulder returns to the railcar, seeing its door ajar; an alien-human test subject is locked in a room inside.

Mulder believes that the patient is an alien human hybrid. As the Red-Haired Man is about to leave, X appears and shoots him.

In Zama's compartment, they find hand-written journals in Japanese.

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Scully—who is with the First Elder in a similar railcar—tells Mulder that unwitting subjects, including herself, were operated on by Zama on the secret railway, with the alien abduction theory used as a smokescreen.

With help from Scully, Mulder successfully unlocks the door of the railcar, but he is knocked unconscious by the Red-Haired Man. Act Three Edit Mulder tells the Conductor to disconnect the car from the rest of the train in an unpopulated area.

She fears that thousands will die from the disease if the car explodes. Scully tells Mulder that alien abductions, including her own, had nothing to do with aliens but rather were experiments conducted by people like Zama, with the alien abduction theory simply being a smoke screen.

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However, elsewhere on the train, the Red-Haired Man intercepts and strangles Zama. Scully believes that the quarantined patient in the car has hemorrhagic fever and thousands will die of it if the car explodes. The Red Haired Man tells Mulder that the quarantined patient is a weapon, having an immunity to biological warfare.