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Within a year, Gia was one of the top models of the late 's, gracing the covers of Cosmopolitan and Vogue, partying at New York's Studio 54 and the Mudd Club while redefining the industry's standard of beauty. The author did great research writing this biography and I recommend this book to anybody into fashion, models, drug abuse and aids or anyone just looking for a good read.

Gia was also a girl in pain, desperate for her mother's approval.

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You will never be forgotten. Shelby-Lamb-Author Jan 17, I read this book years ago and it is one of the best autobiographies that I've read. Gia was not only one of the first real supermodels, she was one of the first openly gay supermodels, and one of the first woman in the Western world to die of AIDS after getting it through intravenous drug use.

The story is incredibly heartbreaking and emotional, but Fried's telling of it does her shor A very interesting, if heartbreaking, biography of supermodel Gia Marie Carangie.

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Gia's unabashed homosexuality and early death from AIDS make her story a palimpsest of life on the edge in the America of the s. Author Stephen Fried manages to get christians dating non believers in the bible the sleaze value plus a lot of surprises by choosing supermodel Gia Carangi as his topic.

But if you are up for a wild, adventurous story, with everything from sex, rock n' roll, to AIDS, fame, and family drama, then this is the book for you. His stories about her teenage years, with their mix of late nights in Philadelphia's gay clubs, manic worship, and glam-style imitation of David Bowie, as well as tales of Gia's ability to seduce her friends, male and female, are the product of a lot of work and make for very interesting reading.

Check out more of my reviews at BookSnakeReviews. I thought I knew about Gia from watching the movie but I knew next to nothing I found out after reading the book and doing research on the world wide web.

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But the book does. Finally blackballed from modeling, Gia entered a vastly different world on the streets of New york and Atlantic City, and later in a rehab clinic.

But her spirit never died, and never will die, thanks to the wonderful people who saw not just Gia's outer beauty, what everyone used her for and praised her for, but the person inside; the lesbian, the strong spirit, so sad but so brave.

I read this book years ago after seeing the HBO film version of it starring Angeline Jolie in her best role ever. Showing of 8 next show all This book brought me to laughter, tears, excitement, then to tears again.

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At age seventeen, Gia Carangi was working the counter at her father's Philadelphia luncheonette, in Hoagie City. I think what prevents me from finishing this book is that I am well studied and have a lot of knowledge about the subject as well as seen the movie numerous times.

Ultimately this is a sad story, and an eye-opener about what can happen when you play with fire read: Although I have seen the HBO movie "Gia" near a million times the book is much better because the movie leaves out facts, changes things around and is significantly less accurate than the book.

Her life is the perfect fodder for the exploitation market, but Fried goes beyond that with fluid prose and a reporter's nose for tracking down sources.

You I don't have words to express how much Gia's story means to me.

Thing Of Beauty (1994)

I have been reading this book for nearly six years no joke. This book contains exclusive, not often discussed information about Gia, from her time at the top of the modeling industry to her fall as a heroin addict and final collapse from AIDS.

Although I was bored by some of the detail and gossip of the fashion world, the book shed a lot of light into Gia's larger than life existence and constant inner struggle with who she was, what others wanted her to be and what she needed.

Love me some Angelina but she doesn't capture Gia's essence or vulnerability. Add to bookshelf Book Description Trashy celebrity bios are usually diminished by the fact that we've already heard the stories about Lonnie and Burt, or Madonna and Sean, or whoever the current target is.

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Definitely recommended to those wanting to read a non-fiction story about a brave but ultimately easily influenced gay woman, in an industry and era when being gay and so unabashedly herself was not always popular. At twenty-six, she became one of the first women in America to die of AIDS; a hospital welfare case visited only by rehab friends and what remained of her family.

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Sandy Linter, Gia's long time girlfriend, confirmed she learned even more about Gia after reading it. I think that I have not finished it because I am into fiction right now and not so much into bios and it is not for any reason relating to the quality of the book or the way that it is written.

Although her face is widely recognized, Gia finished her modeling career in a blaze of heroin and disease just before the time when models became celebrities with name recognition.

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That in itself is good enough reason to read it for me. At times I couldn't wait until this demanding novel ended, but was sad when I did get to the final page. Good acting, bad casting.

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I also watched the movie and it was also really good. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with Gia's gamily, lovers, friends, and colleagues, Thing of Beauty creates a poignant portrait of an unforgettable character and a powerful narrative about beauty and sexuality, fame and objectification, mothers and daughters, love and death.

It is a very sad story and I was so upset when I finished but it was also a story that should be read. PamelaReads Aug 5, Book in progress.

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I do not know why I can not finish it even though it is an excellent book. Love on ya, babe! I wasn't expecting to feel such a connection with Gia. The story is incredibly heartbreaking and emotional, but Fried's telling of it does her short life a great deal of justice.

She was the darling of moguls and movie stars, royalty and rockers.