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Dr Strathsay - The doctor who comes to diagnose what is wrong codlea online dating Mary Ruadh when she becomes ill. When the funeral is over and Mary and her friends leave the graveyard, Lori appears and discovers that Thomasina is still alive when she digs her up.

The news of Thomasina's event spreads, leading Hughie Stirling to suggest giving her the best funeral they can arrange. They end up in an argument and fight with the owners of the circus and the chained bear escapes but dies.

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When MacDhui and Lori get back to Mary that evening they see she is really ill from missing Thomasina, then a storm happens in the night, which Thomasina, still thinking she is Bast-Ra, thinks she is the creator of it, and everyone including Geordie, Hughie, and Dr Strathsay who says it won't be much longer until Mary Perishes.

Thomasina sleeping in the drawer full of lavender wakes up and remembers who she is so she decides to make her way back to Mary through the storm. One day Thomasina falls ill so Mary takes her to her father hoping he will make her better, but to her shock, MacDhui puts chloroform on Thomasina and tells Mary that she's been put to sleep.

Thomasina makes it back to the mansion and the housekeeper lets her in through the window, when Lori recognizes her as the cat she rescued and Macdhui lets Mary hold Thomasina who is relieved to see her again and starts to recover.

Things go back to normal and everyone is happy and the story ends with Macdhui marrying Lori and becoming a better father even though Thomasina doesn't treat him any different.

Mary Ruadh - A seven-year-old girl who is the owner of and really devoted to Thomasina. Geordie Mcnabb- A small boy who finds Lori the witch to help his injured frog. Later, Mary refuses to talk to her father during dinner and becomes more upset when he tries to replace Thomasina with a new kitten.

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McNab then goes to the witch and leaves his frog for her to heal. Mary takes Thomasina's body with her to the hills. The other animals in Lori's cottage don't believe her, especially when she tries to show her powers to them.

Meanwhile, Mary says she is ill, and as explained by Dr Strathsay, suggests she should stay in bed, but then she starts getting worse by not saying anything.

Lori then decides to rename her "Talitha".

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His daughter, Mary Ruadh, owns a ginger cat called Thomasina the narrator of the story who she is completely attached to.

Later Geordie and Hughie tell MacDhui that the traveling circus that has come to their village is abusing their animals like the chained up bear also MacDhui decides to talk to Lori because of her taking his patients from him and learns that she has no family so she helps him track down the circus to save the abused animals.

Peddie - The lady who owns a little pug and is upset when he has to be put down. The children of the village talk of a "witch" named Lori who is a mysterious veterinarianand Geordie McNab, who MacDhui refused to help an injured frog he was holding.

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Mary obliges and decides to get revenge on her father by including on Thomasina's headboard that the cause of her death was "murder". Plot[ edit ] The story begins by explaining about Andrew MacDhui, a veterinary surgeon working in Scotland who recently put to sleep Peddie's pug dog who suffered chronic indigestion.

Andrew MacDhui - Mary Ruadh's father, a surgeon vet who is really strict to his daughter. When Thomasina wakes up from her sleep, she thinks she is Bastet the Egyptian cat goddess that has been resurrected from her long sleep.