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Inside watch axn bulgaria online dating film there is also a greeting to Alberto Sordiwho died two years before the release of the film: The surprise meeting between the two has devastating effects: During the evening, however, Massimo can not tell the truth to Paolina, so he pretends to have been a friend of his father.

Gilberto tries to encourage her to tell her daughter the truth, so that she can finally have a father figure and be free to be together, but the woman fears that it is not a good idea.

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The headmaster of the school sees them and thinks it is the confirmation of the rumors that they wanted a relationship between the two, and so Gilberto is unjustly forced to move to Borgo a Buggiano. The character played by Pieraccioni is called Gilberto Rovai, just like one of the best friends of the Tuscan actor-director, who died in due to neurofibromatosis They make an appearance in the film in the chorus of the friars: The woman decides to move to Borgo a Buggiano to stay with him, so the two get together kissing, while instead Paolina found his love in the son of the psychologist Bellucci, from whom Gilberto had advised her to go.

The woman reveals that Paolina's father did not actually die, but that the two did not see each other for a long time after she became pregnant and, at their next meeting, he had become a friar and did not have the courage to tell him the truth.

A year after the divorce, Gilberto, still in the role of professor of physical education, finds himself having to manage the infatuation of his pupil Paolina, who leaves him with "I love you" in all the languages of the world and sends him continuous sms with the same messages; Gilberto is left nothing but embarrassed, having to undergo more the lectures of the school principal, who, in addition to not sympathize with Professor Rovai, is convinced that the two have a relationship several times the principal Gilberto to transfer it to Borgo in Buggiano.

Gilberto then goes to ask a consultation to his friend the psychologist Bellucci, who claims that Paolina is attracted to him because he identifies him with the father he has never met; Gilberto then talks to Margherita to ask for explanations.

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Plot[ ] Gilberto Rovai, a teacher of physical education at a school in Pistoia, decides to prepare a surprise party with his closest friends to celebrate his wife's birthday.

The two organize themselves for an informal meeting with Pauline. Language Italian I love you in all the languages in the world Ti amo in tutte le lingue del mondo is an Italian film of directed and performed by Leonardo Pieraccioni.

Margherita tells him that Cateno has secretly brought to her the many letters that Gilberto wrote to her but that she had never had the courage to send them.


Gilberto divorced after three years of marriage, going to live with his stammering brother and janitor of his school, as well as swimming enthusiast, Cateno.

One evening, the professor, convinced by his colleague Anselmi, decides to spend an erotic evening in a villa of swingers with his friend, with the game of "sex from the glass ampoule": Francesco Tricaricowho for the film wrote the soundtrack Solo per te, and participated by playing a small part in the role of friar Francesco.

So, one Sunday afternoon, Margherita decides to invite Gilberto to lunch, and it comes to discover that her daughter is just Pauline, who knew that her mother was dating a man, but did not know the identity of this and vice versa Gilberto.

Initially the friar does not feel he can assume the role of father figure, but after several days he decides to know her. Gilberto, however, instead of reacting, hugs the girl, allowing her to let off steam crying on his shoulder.

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Between the two immediately a sympathy is born and, obtained his telephone number, he begins to frequent it. Margherita, who knows about the meeting, decides to tell the truth to Paolina after this has shown her a picture taken by the friar and, the day after school, the girl takes it with Gilberto for not telling her the truth, also taking stone the car, urging him to tell her where Massimo lives to meet him again.

When the woman is at the entrance to the house, she answers a call and, from her conversation, everyone finds out that she has a lover. Disgusted, he decides to leave and, having gone to his car, sees a woman arguing with a man: One day, seven months after his forced transfer, Margherita makes a surprise to Gilberto during the reception of the professors.

The friar, with this trick, talks about himself in Paolina for a long time and the latter feels more serene for having been able to know more about him.

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Trivia[ ] Almost all the film was shot in Pistoiawhile the scenes at the amusement park were filmed in Gardaland. Gilberto faints in shock and is taken to hospital, while Paolina reacts very badly and argues with her mother.

Gilberto, convinced by Anselmi who started having sexual encounters with his colleague's ex-wife after meeting her at the swingers' villacontacted Brother Massimo, reveals the news and causes him to faint.