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The design needed to look sleek and desirable, especially when not in use. Creating this hidden hinge mechanism, which was both functional and aesthetically pleasing was the most difficult part.

The aim was to create a product which solved this problem associated with kettle usage.

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Tilt makes the whole process of kettle use easy and simple for those who struggle with this everyday task whilst also being a desirable product. The best tilting braising pan on the market, a multifunctional cooker, innovative functions and design, ideal for countless applications.

These products often do not take into account the whole process of kettle use, such as filling. We are in Australia and deliver to your door. The overall dimensions of the product are mm x mm x mm.


Buy Orthopaedic Pillows now with free UK delivery. With the most commonly reported impairments are those that affect mobility, lifting or tilting kettle disabled dating. Tilt is an inclusive kettle to aid pouring and filling. Shop happy and buy with confidence with Mission Restaurant Supply online.


Shop Vulcan Electric Steam Kettles and restaurant equipment at wholesale prices on The BASKETT professional pan is a machine for catering, a professional tilting kettle designed for the large catering services and food production.

Final visuals were then created, which included unique features such a a touch sensitive button and wrap around light power indicator. By moving a pivot point high up the product this reduces the amount of weight required to be lifted by the user.

Jni Foodlines product range ranges from simple tilting kettles with manual tilt, through traditional multifunction kettles to advanced kettles with a stirrer.

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Those that struggle lifting and heavy weights not only struggle to pour kettles but fill them. Current kettle pouring aids are unsightly and are an additional product to be used in conjunction with standard kettles, some of which are not always compatible.

Who doesnt enjoy good, old-fashioned steaming hot cups of tea to see them through their day? At Mission Restaurant Supply you can find electric Countertop Kettles to make reheating and simmering soups, stews and sauces an easy, uniform and reliable process.

Prototypes and mockups were created to test supportive pouring mechanisms, which led to the final design. In the UK There are over 11 million people with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability.

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The kettle will hold up to 1. Free Shipping on all Vulcan Commercial Equipment. My Website is proudly powered by WordPress. The aim of project was to create a product that would support users in the pouring of water, but not look a bulky, cumbersome product for the disabled.

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A range of prototypes and mockups were created to test the pouring mechanism concept and general product interactions. This project was undertaken over a 3 month period from December to February The kettle may be mounted on a pedestal or on an open or cabinet-style base. This innovative design is a combination of our two successful tippers.

Tilting kettles range in size up to gal Land are available in all configurations of steam source and mounting style. Kettle tippers hold the kettle or teapot and provide support when tilting and pouring out the contents.

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Tilt's cup filling system allows the user to fill the kettle one cup at a time, reducing the weight carried from sink to kettle. At last, a kettle tipper to suit most cordless kettles.

The most difficult part the project was to create a supportive pouring mechanism, which was hidden from view. The final design will be made mainly via injection moulded components.

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