What did they call david Robinson and Tim duncan What did they call david Robinson and Tim duncan

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Tim Duncan vs. David Robinson Comparison

How much does tim duncan make a year? I love the NBA today. We had a blast and it was so much fun playing with Tim. Needless to say, big Dave still thinks Duncan can still play.

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For example, Golden State used to give me fits because they were a bunch of 6-foot-8 guys who were all quick and all running around me and double-teaming me.

In fact, he downplays his tremendous success by bringing up other extraordinary players or redirecting credit to his teammates and coaches.

When David Robinson suffered tim duncan and david robinson dating broken foot six games into the seasonthe San Antonio Spurs' season quickly went down the drain and any thoughts towards postseason success were immediately replaced by thoughts of bouncing lottery balls.

He didn't average double-digit scoring, and wasn't effective as he has been in recent years.

What is the value of a David Robinson autograph?

Pointing to the fact Duncan is still a threat on the block, in a great situation on a great team, and more, David says what Duncan brings is invaluable.

I tell them to take advantage of it. And, for many kids, that plan B is probably stronger than plan A. HoopsHype sat down with the legendary San Antonio Spurs center to discuss his time at the Naval Academy, his work with the Wounded Warrior Projecthis relationship with fellow military man Gregg Popovich, how much the NBA has changed since his playing days, his favorite big men to watch today, the dominant one-two punch he formed with Tim Duncan and much more.

Now, you have many 7-footers or near 7-footers playing on the perimeter, and teams are shooting way more threes and pushing the pace. With a chance to become the first team to eliminate the Lakers from the postseason for the first time in four seasons, the Spurs dismantled Los Angeles in a victory.

Look at it like a game-plan in basketball.

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But with no word from TD, many are left weighing whether or not he should retire. I do think that the NBA tends to go in cycles, though. I think we added some fun to the game of basketball, to the NBA and its rich history, but we were just blips on the radar screen laughs.

Head-To-Head Career Comparison

While Robinson's play had fallen off in the the later portion of his career, the MVP turned the clock back with a point, rebound performance in Game 6.

He was the first pick of the first round.

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What is the fan mail address for Tim Duncan? I want to start with your growth-spurt story and path to the NBA because it must sound like an urban legend to younger fans. In the offseason, Robinson, now 37, announced that he would retire after Some players may have felt threatened by this new superstar, worrying about how he could replace them or how he may affect their game or role.

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I do enjoy it. How could you write a better script than this, man? The home team would win each of the first five games, with San Antonio nearly blowing a point lead in Game 5 before hanging on to win In what ways was that late growth spurt an advantage for you?

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He was the Finals MVP in, and How much does Tim duncan make? You played many years for Gregg Popovich, who graduated from the Air Force Academy, played basketball there and then served five years before returning to Air Force to start his coaching career.

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Who were the toughest defenders to face? As ofhis annual salary is Over the course of his year career, the Hall of Famer averaged I loved when I played against a Hakeem Olajuwon or Patrick Ewing or Rik Smits or Roy Tarpley or somebody like that because that usually meant it was a one-on-one battle.

Tim Duncan

They can only hurt you. What we did was what we did, and it was so much fun.

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Given your Navy background and the fact that you come from a military family, I know you care a lot about this cause. How many championship rings does Tim Duncan have?

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