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With user-friendly interface will easily get any PC user.

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We made the functionality of the site as simple and understandable for everyone! We invite you to use this feature online although, the ability to download any timer or stopwatch to your own computer we also have.

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For secure connection you need only stable Internet connection. Many sites for measuring time offer to download the timer, which is not always convenient. To search for a specific timer you can use the special form on the website.

Visit the website, choose the stopwatch online full screen, get ready and press "start".

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Timer with sound — measure time is useful Train at home? Activate all offers presented on the site, you will be able to completely free at any convenient time of the day. Also useful functionality would be indispensable for those who work at the computer and carefully alternates the mode of work and rest.

Any comments about the functionality? It is not only very comfortable but allows you to increase training effectiveness and faster to achieve the desired result.

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Especially essential this feature is to marketers, and testers who need to test the speed of loading pages of the website or application to assess its usability. Countdown timer allows you to set any desired time with just a few keystrokes.

Physical timers

Set the time, turn the speakers to max and relax! How to use stopwatch and timer online? Then you definitely need a timer that will allow you to give equal time to each exercise and calculate breaks during class. Stopwatch online with sound will alert you that time is over and it's time to take stock.

Stopwatch with sound is useful not only for personal use but also professional activities. All this is absolutely free and convenient!


Place your rating, leave comments and we certainly will promptly answer any questions you might have! If during cooking you like to spend time at the computer, not to spoil lunch, offer to use a timer online at full screen. Some stopwatches have a very colorful and unique design that makes their use even more convenient and enjoyable.

Often the reverse timer is used as an alarm clock.

How to use the online timer

It's a great way for those who is tired, wants to sleep and is afraid that will not hear the sound of a regular clock or mobile phone. Specify the required interval and not miss any important event!

Come in, select a timer, stopwatch, online alarm clock or watch and start the action in a couple of clicks! Liked the timer or stopwatch online? For example, you need to replace the pulse, to calculate how many pull-UPS you are doing for a certain period of time or to estimate the speed of other critical actions.