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How does your approach to the topic of seduction differ to the approach taken by that community? It has to be pleasurable.

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So in The 48 Laws I had the idea that people really have like a deep-seated need for power. I quoted that in Mastery that the figure skaters who end up getting a gold or bronze or silver medal in the Olympics are the ones who fail the most in practice. I do now recall somebody that I would say is a very great modern seducer and I can say it because I've personally observed him in action.

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I think I'm at that point. We also talk about Teddy Roosevelt.

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Imagine Dictionary Corner playing the Edinburgh festival fringe. Well, I'm aware of the community. Facebook is cracking down on Conservative consolidating debt bank of america. Look, I've noticed it in my own life as well in the very banal level.

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Contact your local station and ask them to carry The Todd Starnes Show. He can recognize that quality of persistence, whether they're going to keep beating against the wall and overcome it. The game that I'm trying to immerse you in and educate you in is something psychological where you're… Think of the brain of the other person as this kind of defensive… this organ that has all these walls around it, that has all these defenses.

Well, you can't get there unless you've had setbacks and hardships in life.

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Obviously it's not some favorite point of advice for guys listening to it first time. I made it as complete as possible. And he was this Brazilian guy and nobody will have ever heard of him.

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Great points and all of them were kind of new perspectives, so that's really great to have on the show. And I assume you've seen some resistance and it'd be interesting like, have you seen less or more for power or seduction? Yeah, that sounds like great stuff.

So I try and say in the book that you want to keep the seduction going. And it's a critical question for everyone.

So with all of those things, the history, the reading, the observing, and the experiences, they just kind of all funnel together into a book. We talk about in the book, and a mantra we live by, which is attempt 2 shots at kindness, real wholehearted attempts, and after that, you get to be more flexible in how you respond to somebody.

He is the author of the book The Upside of Your Darkside: But in fact every single human being, even a little infant of 3 months old, is struggling for power. And you can practice it.

Most of the ones, if I remember correctly because it was a while already ago, historic examples, so I can't remember if there were any more modern ones in the last 50 years or so that you could reference that might give people something to relate to.

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It makes you less self-absorbed. This is something new. You know, maybe here or there on the edges there might be something I would alter or whatever, but I believe in like The 48 Laws of Power I hit at a basic truth about people, and that basic truth I believe will stand the test of time and I really wouldn't change anything.

It's more like there's this hot woman in a bar and how do I get her in bed? The seduction has to be pleasurable or it's not really seduction. Both a great way of learning what drives major-league acts Jimmy Carr, David Cross et al and a an introduction to comics unnoticed by the mainstream.

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I guess your endgame is to have sex. It's not like it's as intense as it was in the beginning. More seductor types, more effective seductors?

Jul 17, The California Democratic Party took a hard turn to the left recently when it handed its official endorsement to state Sen.

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So it's got to be something that you really want and you've reached a point in your life where you want to change or you want to get better at it. So I actually found it fascinating.

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But it's a skill. More help to understand how the human world is interacting around them, great. I'm not sure if it's more than in other areas of life, but it seems to me it could be. They kind of want to avoid all that. Well, just give me a couple of years.

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Well, I mean, the pickup game is very strategic but it's really almost more tactical. We've already discussed it. But I guess I'm not quite sure what your question is about, why there are more seducers out there.

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So it could six months, a year, but if you do that—or one month, let's say—the longer you take, the more power that you're going to have. And basically what I did in Mastery is I said you must look at being in social situations as a form of intelligence that you have to acquire, and it's a twopronged process.

And he was not naturally gifted for being a fighter pilot. And so I have other things that I do, but I've decided as I've gotten older that I want to like concentrate my forces obeying one of my own laws of power, and what I enjoy the most is actually writing.

Well, I'm going to expand that into a book and it's basically about human nature.

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But it's not that I'm trying to hide what it's about, it's just that it's very preliminary and I'm just shaping it.

But they said that they kind of wish that there was more information. Todd Starnes opened his