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The night went on and Natasha became picked up by many guys. Natasha felt herself smiling, something she hadn't done in a while.

All the couples were on the dance floor, slowly dancing to the quiet songs.

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She hasn't seen Pepper since the beginning of Civil War before the fighting occured. They lingered for a few moments, enjoying the romance of it all. Pepper's eyes filled with tears, she knew that Natasha had to go.

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This takes place during Iron Man 2, since that is when Pepper and Natasha meet for the first time. She knew that no matter what happened in the future, let it be war or worse, she would never forget the Strawberry-blond-haired woman.

She knocked and a scanner of some sort came out. Tony Stark may in fact be dating a superhero. A few couples had wandered on to the terrace, where elucidating social science concepts enjoyed the cool night air.

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Pepper smiled and Natasha leaned in, and against the backdrop of the glittering night sky, kissed her softly. Natasha leaned on the terrace railing, a half-empty wine glass in hand, gazing out at the glittering lights of New York.

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Natasha, not one to sugarcoat anything, asked bluntly, "Are you and Mr. She tried not to, but she really was jealous of the majesty of it all.

Natasha has been on the run since CA: The one who walked into the room for the first time, and she knew that she was hers. Pepper's wildly unqualified to help him, completely out of her depth, but that's never stopped her before.

Natasha was listening to Pepper and Tony's conversation with interest. Natasha turned around to see Pepper, smiling softly. Pepper looked over and saw Natasha looking at her, she blushed.

The magical community of the Americas can't be trusted to organise themselves responsibly, so thank Merlin they have people who are willing to look out for them. Pepper blushed self-consciously and turned away from Natasha's gaze.

It truly was the city that never sleeped. Natasha realized that she loved someone for the very first time, and she never wanted it to end. Natasha shook back, Pepper's hand was very soft. Natasha knew what she wanted to do.

Tony can't help the apologetic smile that slips onto his face. Thanks for the feature! She was obviously a business woman, she walked briskly and dressed very professional. Rushman, "Ginny"," Tony teased.

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Happy Hogen, seeing that Natasha was distracted, thought it was a good time to get her on the ground. Tony and Pepper negotiate the beginnings of a romantic relationship. Some fans took Steve Rogers question about Pepper being pregnant and ran with that instead. The one who stole her heart, the one who smiled with happiness everytime she saw her.

It only takes her nine years to say 'I love you' back.

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Stark," Pepper said, then pursed her lips, "he's upstairs boxing with his driver, and our personal friend, Happy Hogen. But standing in the night with a strawberry-blond-haired girl named Pepper Potts changed all that. Pepper Potts, soon-to-be Pepper Stark, played with her wedding ring.

The woman smiled at Natasha. Hey Pep by ShipperwolfIt wasn't too late to tell her all of those important things. Natasha knew that it had to be Pepper, that woman was mesmerizing to her.

As Natasha walked down the hall she knew something, deep in her heart.

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Then let her hand rest on Pepper's cheek until the last possible moment, when she drifted away towards the door. Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. A knock sounded at the door and Pepper, too tired to get up, asked Friday who it was.

She had no idea where that came from.

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Fixing Extremis doesn't mean removing it. Tony walked up to Pepper and they sat down, he clapped to open up Jarvis on the coffee table. Natasha shook his hand and smiled back.

She was crying, tears silently streaming down her face. Oh the romance that could have been! For once in her life, Natasha Romanoff was crying.

When We First Met: Natasha walked up to the door of Stark Industries, marveling at the strength of the building. Natasha had never believed in love, love was for children. The wedding was in a week and she had barely planned it all.

She drank what they bought for her and moved on, all the while keeping an eye out for strawberry-blond hair in the crowd About an hour or so later, the loudness had died down.

It also accented her emerald eyes. D, I'm a spy," Natasha said quietly.

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Their talking was interrupted by Tony's entrance, and Pepper had to leave to begin "Damage Control" as she called it. She hugged her once last time tightly. Witches, wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers.

Fandom This article or section needs expansion. Without further ado, When We First Met!

Tony And Pepper Via imessage

She was met by a pretty woman with strawberry-blond hair. Hi, he thinks at her. He was wrong however, because Natasha took him out and on the floor with her legs around his neck in seconds.