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I just thought that was a really interesting message. Leo, who is drawn to both Marian and Ted, has no real idea of what he is being asked to do until the couple's affair spirals out of control and ends up transforming the lives of everyone involved.

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With her striking leading lady good looks, raw acting talent, playful persona and a maturity way beyond her years - she is still only twenty-one years old - the actress is already making her mark on the industry and expertly carving her route to becoming one the big names of the future.

I just love the fact that she is so forward thinking.

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Share this article Share 'Of course, Marian has to be beautiful and charming and capricious, but she is also a survivor who manipulates Leo to get what she wants.

That is a really fun journey to go on.

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Luckily, Vanderham, who portrays passionate and enterprising department store employee Denise Lovett, was overjoyed to reprise the role: The actress was transported to an Australian penal colony in Banished pictured Leo, who is from a humble background, immediately feels out of his depth but his position becomes even more complicated when he agrees to exchange love letters between Marian and her secret lover Ted, a tenant farmer.

The next day, I had a half hour Skype chat with the director and afterwards I got a call saying I needed to go to London and get my visa because I was leaving for New York in two weeks! Not bad for her first big acting job.

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It literally happened within 48 hours of me getting the script, reading it and getting the offer. We use cookies so we can provide you with the best online experience.

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The things that corrupt people's lives. We didn't want someone in the role who is a waif and a victim and Joanna has got the beauty, the determination and a streak of strength in her.

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From convict to femme fatale, it's Joanna Vanderham, the Glow Between. Hodges said his new film, co-starring Vanessa Redgrave as the older Marian, Jim Broadbent and Lesley Manville, was an adaptation of the novel rather than the Joseph Losey film, which co-starred Redgrave's father Michael and which is now regarded as one of the best British films ever made.

Perhaps this accomplishment should not have come such a surprise when considering her professional achievements in her short career so far. You can't worry about other people's films.