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The uplink nodes in backhaul provide multi redundant connections to the wired Internet and have more capacity than 11 MBPS. This hub is the central node and all others nodes are connected to the central node.

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Here hub receives the signal from any node and passes it to all the other nodes on the network. Additional access routers are then deployed throughout the coverage area until a maximum density is achieved.

RING Topology

That bus trunk acts as the mother cable or the backbone of such a topology. Like routing logic to direct the data to reach the destination using the shortest distance.

When using Category 3 or 5 twisted pair cabling, individual cables cannot exceed meters. Hence it reduces chances of complete network failure. Repeaters work within the physical layer of the OSI model, that is, there is no end-to-end change in the physical protocol across the repeater, or repeater pair, even if a different physical layer may be used between the ends of the repeater, or repeater pair.

A mesh network in which every device connects to every other is called a full mesh.

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The topology works in hierarchy fashion. Commercial repeaters have extended RS segments from 15 meters to over a kilometer [13]. The network is robust, and the its very unlikely to lose the data.

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Ring Topology Ring topologies are used on token ring networks. In most twisted pair Ethernet configurations, repeaters are required for cable that runs longer than meters. With partial mesh, some nodes are organized in a full mesh scheme but others are only connected to one or two in the network.

Network topology and its types (Bus, Ring, Star, Mesh,Tree) in hindi | Advantage and Disadvantage

Supported by several hardware and software venders. All the network traffic passes through the central device and all the data transmission occurs through the main switch as well as all the hub acts as the signal repeater.

The entire network depends on a central hub and a failure of the central hub can cripple the whole network.

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Figure Mesh topology Tree Topology Tree topologies integrate multiple star topologies together onto a bus. Trees, hills and other line of sight obstruction make point to multipoint nods impractical for residential and home office coverage.

Advantages of Ring Topology Transmitting network is not affected by high traffic or by adding more nodes, as only the nodes having tokens can transmit data. Communication between two networks A network structure which requires a root node, intermediate parents node, and leaf nodes just like we see in an n-tree or a network structure which exhibits three level of hierarchy because two level of hierarchy is already displayed in the star topology.

The MAU makes a logical ring connection between the devices internally. Using circuit-switching or packet-switching technologies, a point-to-point circuit can be set up dynamically and dropped when no longer needed. In Figure 4, the rule is adhered to. Other protocols have nodes that can both transmit and receive into a single channel e.

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Only the faulty nodes need to be repaired. Features of Star Topology Every node has its own dedicated connection to the hub.

Its role is to ensure communications between those sockets. It design is to provide a backbone to the uplink nodes see MeshAP configuration.

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Can be used with twisted pair, Optical Fibre or coaxial cable. The term switch is often used loosely to include devices such as routers and bridges, as well as devices that may distribute traffic based on load or based on application content e.

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More difficult to configure and wire than other topologies. Compared to the bus topology, a star network generally requires more cable, but a failure in any star network cable will only take down one computer's network access and not the entire LAN.

Bus topology Bus topology is the simplest way a network can be organized.

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All devices have a cable home unned back to the MAU. The prime mission is to bring bandwidth to different part of the last mile. Nodes communicate across the network by passing data through the hub.