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Oh tricky… Not sure how to do this haha! It didn't sound so crazy in your head; I think in ours it sounds a little crazy.


You're talking about this big mansion up here? So I think listening to that song makes me think of that. Hey Kaysha, I saw that on the music video -- do you like guys like that? Why is Stephen a loser?

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You can still keep the shimmer on the memories. Obviously I'll just kawaii lovers yahoo dating to his house and give him my CD.

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Did he get the CD? Yeah, that's what I was really interested in.

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I love the part when Chris asks people not to use their phones and everyone cheers. What was running through your mind while writing your song 'Habits'? The album I released last year has a sequel.

Tove Lo Has Three Kidneys! | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

You can still remember something — even though it hurts a bit — with joy. Cause I don't have any. For me it was an honour just to be asked. Tell me about this song. But anyways, he just tried to find other people to be the vocal, and nobody else cut it. I'll just wrap a CD in a bow, and there we go.

And he liked it so much, I was actually on another song on his record called "Touch Me," which a lot of people don't know.

TOVE LO at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2016 in New York 12/31/2015

He's actually a friend of mine. Tove is my real name and "Tove Lo" has been my nickname since I was three years-old.

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I got into them well before that, though. When I do my own shows, people obviously know the songs and they sing along. There's a track called Stephen. I guess it speaks very loudly for itself You don't like clean-cut guys like Ryan and me?

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Do you feel like the song and the support tour have helped to bring you to a new audience? The crowds have been amazing.

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And he was that one for me for like five years. I always take a moment during the set to kind of look up and around.

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Cos that is certainly not always the case. Which is probably why that spoke to me a lot too. It varies a lot actually.

Tove Lo Has Three Kidneys! | On Air with Ryan Seacrest -

So we kept mine. That is Dirt Nasty!

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Did you find out why he never called you? Lyrically, what's your favourite song that you've ever written? You have short-term memory loss?

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Who or what, are your main songwriting influences and inspirations? Yeah, I think it is for all of us in my crew. But yesterday was my first ever show in Italy and they were just cheering us on and giving us a lot of love.

What was the inspiration behind 'Out Of Mind'? Everyone was so sweet and nice.