Lancelot and Elaine, by Alfred Tennyson Lancelot and Elaine, by Alfred Tennyson

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He had saved the jewels and secretly planned to offer them as a gift to the queen, after he had the entire set. O Love, if death be sweeter, let me die. The queen quietly forgives him and apologizes for her suspicions, but somehow Lancelot is still not satisfied.

Lancelot's friends and relatives, however, were angered at this stranger's presumption in trying to outdo their hero's reputation and attacked him. A decade later, the Camerons moved to England.

At the age of 48 Cameron received a camera as a gift from her daughter and son-in-law. The wound has become infected, and he is near death.

Then rose Elaine and glided through the fields, And past beneath the weirdly-sculptured gates Far up the dim rich city to her kin; There bode the night: The gentler-born the maiden, the more bound, My father, to be sweet and serviceable To noble knights in sickness, as ye know When these have worn their tokens: Her photographs were rule-breaking: I go in state to court, to meet the Queen.

Elaine of Astolat

The next morning Elaine asks Lancelot to wear her favor the tournament. And the sick man forgot her simple blush, Would call her friend and sister, sweet Elaine, Would listen for her coming and regret Her parting step, and held her tenderly, And loved her with all love except the love Of man and woman when they love their best, Closest and sweetest, and had died the death In any knightly fashion for her sake.

Yet the great knight in his mid-sickness made Full many a holy vow and pure resolve. Gawain arrives in Ascolat and becomes so enchanted with Elaine that he forgets about his quest to find the unknown knight.

This was the one discourtesy that he used. So ran the tale like fire about the court, Fire in dry stubble a nine-days' wonder flared: Lancelot looks out, and he sees a barge draped in black floating on the water, bearing the body of a young maiden. So when Lancelot rides back to Camelot, he fails to wish Elaine farewell.

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Lancelot left for Camelot in the company of Sir Lavaine. I for you This many a year have done despite and wrong To one whom ever in my heart of hearts I did acknowledge nobler. So those two brethren from the chariot took And on the black decks laid her in her bed, Set in her hand a lily, o'er her hung The silken case with braided blazonings, And kissed her quiet brows, and saying to her 'Sister, farewell for ever,' and again 'Farewell, sweet sister,' parted all in tears.

They married in Calcutta in and she became a prominent hostess in colonial society. Lancelot left his shield with Elaine before he went to compete in the great joust for the grand prize of a diamond.

Elaine sits alone in her tower, where she sees visions of Lancelot and sings a song about the bitterness of love and the sweetness of death.

Elaine reveals to Gawain that she is in love with Lancelot. An end to this! So in her tower alone the maiden sat: Lancelot set out for the tournament, riding alone, and on the way stopped at the castle of Astolat.

At the tournament, no one recognized Lancelot, and all were surprised at the amazing success of this unknown knight.

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Here was the knight, and here he left a shield; This will he send or come for: Our bond is not the bond of man and wife. Each year he sponsored a tournament at which one of these jewels was presented to the winner. So that day there was dole in Astolat. Pray for my soul, and yield me burial. Then if the maiden, while that ghostly grace Beamed on his fancy, spoke, he answered not, Or short and coldly, and she knew right well What the rough sickness meant, but what this meant She knew not, and the sorrow dimmed her sight, And drave her ere her time across the fields Far into the rich city, where alone She murmured, 'Vain, in vain: Ten days later, Elaine dies of heartbreak.

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So pray you, add my diamonds to her pearls; Deck her with these; tell her, she shines me down: Upon learning about Guinevere's remaining in London, Lancelot went to the king and, claiming that one of his old wounds was bothering him again, obtained leave to stay in London.

I told her that her love Was but the flash of youth, would darken down To rise hereafter in a stiller flame Toward one more worthy of her--then would I, More specially were he, she wedded, poor, Estate them with large land and territory In mine own realm beyond the narrow seas, To keep them in all joyance: He presents her with his gift, but the queen coldly accuses him of infidelity to her.

He offers to give her lands and wealth to support any marriage she later chooses to make, but she refuses. Meanwhile, back at the tournament, Arthur entrusts Gawain with the diamond and orders him to find the knight who won it and give it to him. How is it that this innocent maiden has Lancelot's shield, especially when once she did not even know his name?

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An armlet for an arm to which the Queen's Is haggard, or a necklace for a neck O as much fairer--as a faith once fair Was richer than these diamonds--hers not mine-- Nay, by the mother of our Lord himself, Or hers or mine, mine now to work my will-- She shall not have them.

He was worried about the excuse he would make, but she planned that he would participate in the jousts while disguised.

How know ye my lord's name is Lancelot? And, damsel, for I deem you know full well Where your great knight is hidden, let me leave My quest with you; the diamond also: Julia Margaret Cameron died after a brief illness in Ceylon in And we know what gossip in Camelot is like.

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Then came her father, saying in low tones, 'Have comfort,' whom she greeted quietly. Then came the fine Gawain and wondered at her, And Lancelot later came and mused at her, And last the Queen herself, and pitied her: He asks Bernard if he can leave his recognizable shield with him and borrow another.

And yet he glanced not up, nor waved his hand, Nor bad farewell, but sadly rode away. Despite Arthur's explicit instructions, Gawain leaves the jewel with Elaine, reasoning that Lancelot must, after all, come back for his shield. He is made welcome and given the shield of Sir Torre whose shield is yet blank, for he was defeated by Launcelot at the last tournament and may not blazon his arms upon his shield until he has achieved a victory.

Gawain the while through all the region round Rode with his diamond, wearied of the quest, Touched at all points, except the poplar grove, And came at last, though late, to Astolat: Both their reputations would suffer, she said, and for no good reason.

It is about at this point in the story that Elaine sits in her tower, guarding the shield. And, after heaven, on our dull side of death, What should be best, if not so pure a love Clothed in so pure a loveliness?