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The main character is a six-year-old boy who is called Uncle Fyodor voiced by Maria Vinogradova because he is very serious.

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And you, boy, who do you belong to? Your son, Uncle Fedor. How come we are always out of milk? Before production of "Prostokvashino", there were existing animated films about Uncle Fyodor, shot by Ekran studio in cutout equipment: I have a house.

And we don't have the money!

Three from Prostokvashino

The image of Galchonok Little Jackdaw didn't turn out well for a long time; therefore, everyone who came into the drafting room for "Soyuzmultfilm", asked Leonid Shvartsman, the founder to Cheburashkato try his hand at drawing Galchonok.

It's all your fault! Wow, I never knew that cats could be so intelligent! I don't understand anything.

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It's covering up the hole in the wallpaper Troe iz prostokvashino online dating the cat can be of use. What's this cat spirit I smell? The animation of Uncle Fyodor's parents in is very similar to that of the parents of the Kid in from the animated film " Kid and Carlson " rozhodnuti soudu online dating, however, isn't surprising as both movies had same art directors, and virtually the same group of animators.

We should buy a cow.

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It should be taken to the clinic for research. Either my paws are aching, or my tail keeps falling off. You need to be taken care of And if you want the cat and Sharik, bring them right along!

Popov made the amendments But from the second attempt, when they used different animation style, remade the entire story according to the normal standards of the Soviet comedy, invited famous actors to dub the animals, the cartoon turned an instant hit.

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And it's us who can sleep in the snow? Finally parents get to know the location and take their kid home, while cat and dog stay to look after the house. He can catch mice. The third part features Happy New year in village.

You let him do everything and he got spoiled. Maybe it's our shagginess that's increaased?

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I barely have time to watch some TV. There's lots of boys like that around Maybe many.

Three From Prostokvashino Film

I am a local mailman, Pechkin. Dull original novel turned into instant success by animators. This cartoon is a little strange at some points, i.

There is a lot of extra space in the house, and therefore the local dog Sharik was called to fill it; he joined them cheerfully and amicably.

I thought they only knew how to shout in the trees. OK, I choose you, I've known you for a long time already but I see this cat only for the first time.

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Then children won't go missing. Because I didn't have a bicycle. I am, for instance, a cat of my own.

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And how come you are so interested? The old fur is coming off all over the house. Now I'm going to take measurements of your boy. How did you end up in our village? On my very own.

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It will come out tastier that way! And so am I.

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It will be more fun with the three of us. One cat won't be in our way. One can die like this. Interesting facts[ edit ] At the request of the director Vladimir Popovwork on the creation of screen images was divided between art directors. I moved here from the city.

No, I am not a cop. Why is it all about use? In this weather, family stays home and watches some TV. After his parents don't let him keep the talking cat Matroskin voiced by Oleg TabakovUncle Fyodor leaves his home.

By the end of the movie, the family is reunited, and the mailman receives his reward for notifying the parents. Plot[ edit ] Uncle Fyodor is a very independent city boy, "a boy on his own". My dear parents, mom and dad! Uncle Fyodor's parents became very agitated at the loss of their son, and even put out a missing persons notice in the paper… Such a notice couldn't pass the nose of the extremely curious postman Pechkin, who right then and there declared his hopes to earn a reward for the boy's safe return — a new bicycle.

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I even know how to sew And on the weekends. Everyone in our building knows you.

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The first screening of "Prostokvashino" was cut out figures animation, and was unknown to me until this year