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This will take you through hundreds of pages of steps that go into a lot more detail than what this blog post alone covers. And that brings us back to where this post started out — hacking yourself first.

Poor password entropy rules Here is a very simple password fact: However, that page then embeds JavaScript which is loaded insecurely over HTTP which means that it can be intercepted and modified.

Cross Site Request Forgery CSRF Remember, teleritmo monterrey online dating one of these is remotely detectable and you can find them in any website with nothing more than a browser. The auth cookie is verification that the user has indeed successfully logged on.


Consequently, this is bad: In other ways HTTP is rather foolish. Petya The second massive cyber attack, a variant of the ransomware Petya re-emerged using the same Eternal Blue exploit and hit organizations worldwide, especially Ukraine. Of course there are many different mail providers with many different implementations but the only safe assumption is not to store sensitive data in there.

To the page itself as loaded over the wire, yes, but unfortunately things go downhill from there. You should never, ever receive an email like this: In the aforementioned link, I pointed out how the Tunisian government had harvested Facebook credentials because the logon form could be loaded over HTTP.

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The thing about robots. Insecure password storage The previous point around emailing passwords is only possible because passwords are not stored correctly to begin with.

Your password is toast. It hits the device when navigating through various hacked websites, downloading a file or clicking a wrong link.

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Different browsers will present the warning in different ways, for example in Internet Explorer: I mean the three HTTPS objectives I outlined earlier — assurance, integrity, privacy — still apply to the page, right?

Usually it takes nothing more than wrapping untrusted data remember, this is the stuff your users provide to the systemin an italics tag to confirm the presence of XSS. Moving on, you can observe reflective XSS when content such as HTML tags and JavaScript is able to be passed to a page usually via query string or form post data and rendered into the markup thus changing the way the page behaves.

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I often see tweets like this: It is found to exploit MS Office and SMBv1 vulnerabilities and has worm capabilities, which allows it to spread quickly across infected networks. Cracking is still possible, but what if we could bring that rate down by, say Speaking of which… I wrote about this recently in C is for cookie, H is for hacker — understanding HTTP only and Secure cookiesthe latter part of which we looked at in the third risk in this post.

It looks like this: The most appropriate means of storing passwords is with a strong hashing algorithm. We need to come back to why this is so important: Which is driven by this in the source: Confidential information such as bank account info, passwords and other data which should not be publicly accessible must be sent over HTTPS.

Every 40 seconds, a company gets hit by a ransomware. This is very simple mechanism and it works like this: You start to understand more about why this is a problem when you see stats like these: This works because an attacker cannot simply recreate the correct form data without grabbing the token from the website which is unique to the user.

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The fix is easy and twofold: The correct way to issue a password reset is to send a time-limited, single use token to the recipient.

To maintain state i. We saw this recently with Top CashBack where they allowed for registration — including password transmission — without any transport layer protection whatsoever: Other examples of exposed information can include anything up to and including connection strings to database servers that are publicly accessible.

You can read more about this and other aspects of password resets in Everything you ever wanted to know about building a secure password reset feature.


This file contains information which complies with the Robots Exclusion Standard and the idea is that it helps search engines with both what to index and what not to index. That link may rewrite the page contents to something quite different, serve the victim malware or even steal their cookies and hijack their session.

The problem, of course, is we come back to integrity again: The second issue is that it could be at risk of SQL injection if manipulating the parameter changes the structure or behaviour of the database query itself.

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NET names them, other web platforms may show slightly different names but the point is that the token exists and without it, the request fails. What it usually means is multiple points of potential failure when a system is breached.

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Skype Hackers' left no stone unturned. Websites that email credentials put users at risk not just on their own site, but also on other sites due to the unfortunate but real propensity for people to reuse passwords.

Let that just sink in a bit and allow me to repeat: The mitigation is simple to implement and also simple to observe, you just need to look for the response header. All it would take is one little XSS risk to be combined with this and things would start to get very ugly.

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But this is even worse: Of course the problem with internal error messages is that they can give an attacker a massive head start when it comes to compromising a vulnerable website.

Nasty particularly on a page designed to convince you of their security!

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That was the case with Kogan above but you can often cause an internal error simply by a minor change to the request structure. In fact commenting of code itself can be very revealing, particularly if it points to paths that may not be properly secured or contain their own vulnerabilities.

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There were 11, easily discoverable ELMAH logs exposing authentication cookies when I wrote about this early last year: For example, there was Kogan with their massive leakage last year: If you can load a page that displays personal information while authenticated and the address starts with http: Let me break out the important bit and remove the URL encoding: But strength increases exponentially so the longer a password becomes and the more characters it contains, the stronger it gets.

There are many, many ways that XSS can be used to do nasty things and the detection of the risk is very simple. Moving on, rather than just having people point website owners to a lengthy post covering multiple issues as is the case above, I wanted to provide something more succinct that talks about specific risks then provide further reading from there.

This Cyber attack was designed to hijack browsers and turn them into zombies. In fact I also made the point a little while back that you should expressly allow XSS in your passwords — no sanitisation at all!