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True blood star online dating, join the conversation:

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She has also found time to executive produce and contribute to the documentary film Running Blind, which centres on her boyfriend, comedian E J Scott.

Jean Bennet, a scientist studying chororideremia at the University of Pennsylvania, says.

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The gossip in me wants to know when these two are going to get married. True Blood starts on Fox tomorrow at 9pm Advertisement Share or comment on this article: But I learned very quickly that when E.

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While living in L. Scott, 36, an activist who is slowly losing his sight and expects to be fully blind by age At 36, Scott still has some of his vision, 15 degrees of sight per eye, but is legally blind, has lost all of his peripheral vision and expects to be fully blind by the time he is I heard Deborah say in an interview that she met EJ on Match.

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Prior to his diagnosis, he had taken stand-up comedy and improv classes. The couple are busy working through his bucket list before he loses his sight completely — being an extra in the final series of True Blood is one box ticked.

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Scott suffers from an inherited degenerative eye disorder called Choroideremia and is raising awareness and money for his cause by running a marathon blindfolded every month this year. As vampire drama True Blood returns for its final season, star Deborah has been getting her teeth into another role close to her heart Deborah Ann Woll Can it really be six years since the vampires of Bon Temps, Louisiana, first came out of the coffin?

True Blood Star Deborah Ann Woll’s boyfriend is going blind, running marathons

The pair met on match. Compelled to raise awareness for the disease that was gradually taking away his sight, Scott moved back to L.

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He plans to run one marathon a month in a different state for 12 months. Scott — who has dated Woll, 27, for nearly five years — began running marathons to raise money for the disease in January He would soon learn his older sister was a carrier and his maternal grandfather also suffered from choroideremia.

She never mentions kids, though, which makes me wonder if he is avoiding having kids so as not to pass on his disorder.

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He suffers from choroideremia, a hereditary retinal-degenerative disease that causes blindness his grandfather, brother and young nephew have it.

Props to him for running a marathon every month blindfolded! True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll. He retains some sight but is now registered blind.

Scott later moved to Chicago to continue working in improv, but their relationship survived the distance.

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In the final series, which airs in the UK tomorrow, actress Deborah Ann Woll takes her farewell turn as young, fierce redheaded vampire Jessica Hamby, who was turned by vampire patriarch Bill Compton at the age of I know I do.

It explained a lot. After some correspondence, he invited her to see him perform. Then, he began running marathons to raise money.