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You can also find out whether an eatery has facilities like outdoor seating, live music, and fine dining or not. In that case, you should consider one of the top restaurants in Bangalore mentioned below.

Dulce Delights for the anytime random sweet craving

The place has an outdoor seating and an indoor seating. To reach Le Jardin one has to go through the magnificent garden of Oberoi hotel. The All American Cheeseburger, death by chocolate and blueberry cheese cake are a must try.

I supplemented this with business skills in operations, sales and marketing at the ITC and the Taj group of hotels girl twirling hair flirt become an entrepreneur in times to come.

A food haven for those who swear by their veggies; this eatery in Bangalore dishes out an eclectic array of South Indian, North Indian, Chinese meals and the usual fast food.

Truffles - Bangalore, India

Le Jardin The entire culinary journey at Le Jardin was a blissful experience. You are sure to get more than what you expect from this restaurant. Eastern Diner This is not a big, plush restaurant you would take out your date to.

But the smell of freshly baked bread may have positive effects far beyond the obvious ones. It included many dishes from around India and the rest of the world. The menu is extensive with continental, Chinese and Tibetan specialties.

Ready for Truffles restaurant in bangalore dating We have cakes and patries for all the events. INR 3, for two people approx. Breakfast items like bread and moist sandwiches are also served at the place.


Invite your dear ones for a memorable dinner time as you select from this choicest list of restaurants in Bengaluru. It was a walk down memory lane for me.

As the list also gives you a fair idea of the costs of dining at a particular food joint, you can easily plan your budget as well. The place opens up from 11am to 11pm, and is a craze among the youth. Explore your options, browse through the exclusive options in eateries and get to know their specialities.

Burgers, Steaks And Cold Coffee: Comfort Food At Its Best At This Iconic RestoCafe

Quickies at Banaswadi Image Credits: The items are price a little more expensive compared with other places, but the ambience; taste of the food and service is more than enough to keep people coming back.

Availability or non-availability of non-vegetarian food is also specified. You can also check if the restaurant serves alcohol and allows smoking.

Get through to the main course of noodles and rice along with sides like gobi Manchurian or paneer chilli. The Chocolate Room Bangalore The Chocolate Room is located on Brigade road and can be a little tricky to locate, if you haven't visited them before.

The details about Bengaluru restaurants include information about the location of these places, their approximate Cost for two, the range of cuisines they serve, the popular dishes of each restaurant, their opening timings, etc.

Check out other articles on. The Truffle Edamame dumpling is exceptional here! You can also explore about the popular places near Bengaluru. This is a sure winner and must be on our list of best restaurants in Bangalore. A little girl at eleven in Calcutta, I loved watching my mom effortlessly whip up amazing dishes and thus began my love affair with food.

Truffles A great place with an amazing ambiance. This is a good place to order from to treat your buddies. INR for two people approx. Healthy soups at one end and rich curries on the other, this is what makes the menu so appetizing.

With a 4 star recommendation of 5 and is an all exclusive vegetarian eatery.

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So, its order, pack it up and go! I spent hours learning the trade after college hours, during the "On the job Trainings". Their Chocolate Truffle cake are the best.

Are those hands too weary to cook?

Endless portions & foodgasms for Starving souls!

Once it opens its doors, the place gets filled up quite soon. All you have to do is check out this list in order to pick a restaurant that suits your food choices without burning a hole in your wallet.

One should try their Kukdhinu Khara Bote a chicken preparation and their Kollanu Khara Bote their mutton kebab speciality. Hear of milk pepper chicken? With these details, you can easily find out your favorite places to eat in Bengaluru and enjoy a scrumptious meal every time you go there.

The place is spacious and pretty comfortable. You are sure to hit one of these places real soon.

Teracotta - Indian Restaurant in Bangalore| Vivanta Whitefield, Bangalore

INR 2, for two people approx. Travel to Jayanagar and it functions from 12 noon to 3: Freshly Baked It's comforting, homely and — to almost all of us — undeniably delicious. You just name it and we have all the flavours of this universe for you Made with Love All the cakes are handcrafted with love to make your moment memorable.