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It's essentially a flat bed tilt trailer with an aluminum deck. The X has also hauled heaps of full loads of firewood that exceeded the max capacity by quite a bit, and again, never had a problem.

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If you go to a "main" Budget or U-Haul location, they may even have one there so you can drive up on it and see if it works for a JKU. We have access to open and enclosed trailers, single and dual-axel flatbeds, shipping containers, and more. Position your Vehicle and Trailer Hitch your conventional trailer to your vehicle.

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It would be stupid for U-haul or any other equipment rental company to rent a trailer to someone off the street with a downsized truck such as a Ranger, explorer ect.

Parking Aids The camera is located on the tailgate The camera may not operate correctly handle.

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When my Range Rover arrived in port I drove it home! I think you can get one of these with U-Haul too, but I am sure you have to show them a pic of the trailer like this one just to give them some idea what it is you need.

Any towing or saftey specs claimed by any manufacturer are not simply marketing tactics to entice you to buy the truck. The requirements and regulations differ from state to state.

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See Capacities and Specifications page If your vehicle must be serviced while you Performs like a locking differential when engaged, but like an open differential when cornering. EasyHaul Review Constantine V.

Up-To-Date No update is required. When you request it from Budget, it is a "specialty item" so that means it's kind of PITA to get without fair warning.

U-Haul Auto Transport

There were two problems with this trailer: You can relax knowing that your car is safe and on its way. The deluxe cargo box is now easier to latch, unlatch, raise, and lower with the integrated handle design and gas assist.

I used Budget truck rental because they have a car carrier which was wide enough than the one you see with U-Haul and Penske. Regardless, both times I used it, the Jeep fit just fine with the 33" tires mounted on it, and since it is basically a flat bed with no rails, I am sure 35's will fit just fine.

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This little bombshell was dropped after I loaded the truck so I had to sleep on the floor of my old place with no furniture. EasyHaul Review Tracy K. The online reservation doesn't even say a Jeep will fit on it, I just had to "fudge" that detail when I rented it.

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Just because your truck can tow those loads does not mean that you as the driver are capable of the task, with a full sized truck it's a lot safer because 9 times out of 10 the tow rig will weigh more than the load being hauled so it kicks the skill level down a bit and makes their insurance company happy.

I came back later and they delivered the wrong trailer, so I had to wait another day while one was sent from Northern California to LA. Start New Quote Your vehicle will be picked up within business days of receiving payment for your shipping order.

Capacities and Specifications Item Capacity Transfer case fluid 1.

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If you tow in the correct manner and go by the book your truck will haul the loads Ford claims. I'm just sharing this story so you can avoid the misery. Hope it helps, sorry if it doesn't since I have a 2-door, but I am almost certain a JKU will fit, this trailer will fit full size pick-ups so I can't see why a JKU won't work.

I reserved it, but when it came time for the pick-up, they said they had the truck, but no trailer come back later and we'll have it.

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At EasyHaul we make sure every customer receives the highest level of customer service. If you any have questions, please contact us and provide the quote number specified above. Airbag Disposal Supplementary Restraints System Your vehicle has a collection of crash and The fact that the safety belt pretensioners occupant sensors which provide or front airbags did not activate for both information to the restraints control front seat occupants in a crash does not module which deploys activates the mean that something is wrong with the front safety belt pretensioners, optional For maximum vehicle performance, keep These numbers are programmed into the switch in the carrier's office or in a PBX.

U-haul doesn't care how you drive, though, they just have to assume you'll drive like most other people do with their stuff.