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Unaccommodating definition of terrorism, trends of 'unaccommodating'

Giga-fren Furthermore the unaccommodated flights would still be lowest priority under flow control procedures, i. OpenSubtitles Unaccommodated man is no more but such a poor, bare, forked animal.

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OpenSubtitles Cold, unaccommodating, a population of walking dead. Check translations in other languages: Common crawl We gladly give you advise and submit an unaccommodating offer to you. Giga-fren At the secondary and tertiary level, a hostile and unaccommodating climate is also the norm.

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Falabella with a lack of sensitivity and was unaccommodating, Air Canada has filed evidence to the contrary. Giancola asserts that Air Canada's personnel treated Mr. Giga-fren [62] Although Ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes.

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EurLex-2 whereas ineven with all new investment taken into account, more than 60 airports will be unable to handle the typical busy hourly demand without generating delays or having unaccommodated demand 3,7 million flights a year would then be unaccommodatedMIZAN But Angela proved almost as unaccommodating as Bella with her thoughts.

ProjectSyndicate By any standards, the reform agenda is ambitious — especially given a fragile and unaccommodating external environment. Found 37 sentences matching phrase "Unaccommodating". Not accomodating from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English Those which have acquired an opposed or contrary, instead of a merely negative, meaning; ; or else an intensive sense more than a prefixed not would express.

OpenSubtitles You needn't be so unaccommodating.

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ProjectSyndicate Ironically, it was India — the victim of terrorist attacks financed, dispatched, and directed from Pakistan — that had come to seem intransigent and unaccommodating. Those which have the value of independent words, inasmuch as the simple words are either not used at all, or are rarely, or at least much less frequently, used; as, unavoidable, unconscionable, undeniable, unspeakable, unprecedented, unruly, and the like; or inasmuch as they are used in a different sense from the usual meaning of the primitive, or especially in one of the significations of the latter; as, unaccountable, unalloyed, unbelieving, unpretending, unreserved, and the like; or inasmuch as they are so frequently and familiarly used that they are hardly felt to be of negative origin; as, uncertain, uneven, and the like.

Un- is prefixed to nouns to express the absence of, or the contrary of, that which the noun signifies; as, unbelief, unfaith, unhealth, unrest, untruth, and the like. Those which are anomalous, provincial, or, for some other reason, not desirable to be used, and are so indicated.

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