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Even if you kill him, he'll die assuring you that you can be a better person with just a bit of effort. Granted, Asgore is trying to kill you; he's just holding back because he doesn't really want to. To Floweywho'd been whispering things undertale papyrus dating Papyrus in the absence of Sans since before Frisk arrived.

He'd get ripped into little smiling shreds.

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His main form of attack. Hanging out with Papyrus. Even in a No Mercy run, he'll immediately offer to spare the Child when they fight, believing they still have it in them to be a good person.

And not just on his pasta.

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During his phone call, he confides with you that despite managing to keep up a ceaselessly optimistic appearance with his subjects, especially his newly hard-working brother, he's found that keeping his chin up in light of recent events has been very hard.

Despite being the definition of a Wide-Eyed IdealistPapyrus is still able to recognize your wickedness during the Genocide route very shortly before your fight with him, as well as how truly dangerous you are. Which suggests that despite Sans' and Undyne's efforts, Papyrus may not be as oblivious as he seems, may be fully aware he's being Locked Out of the Loopand might even know more about Sans than he lets on.

And his terrible jokesof course. A glory-seeking guardsman with a very high opinion of himself and everything elsehis dream is to capture a human so that he can finally be allowed to join the Royal Guard.

He turns the protagonist down if they choose to date, as he realizes he does not feel the same way about them. That said, some of Sans' jokes do make him laugh. He tries so hard to become part of the Royal Guard, but he's too goofy and friendly to be taken seriously, not to mention his attempts to capture the human with puzzles and his completely ineffectual security measures.

Undertale - Dating Papyrus

Unlike his brother, who apparently isn't dating anyone out of laziness, Papyrus seems open to the idea of having a romantic relationship, but clearly doesn't understand how they work at all.

Papyrus defends the protagonist from Flowey's bullets and states his faith in the protagonist. There are a couple of moments in his fight where his attacks are at incredibly fast, and a patch in January implies that he possesses the ability to fire giant lasers known as Gaster Blasters, and considered using them in a No Mercy Run.

Though he may think extremely highly of himself, Papyrus is triple net g reit liquidating much one of the nicest and sincerest characters in the game, and this is in a game where just about every character encountered can't really be considered truly evil with the exception of The Fallen Child.

Papyrus will fight you in order to capture you. He's willing to go on a date with the protagonist, who is of Ambiguous Genderif they flirt with him, but apologetically "dumps" them right afterward, saying that he only did it because he felt obligated to and only ever liked them as a friend.

He's also completely ineffectual, which helps. Papyrus can effortlessly restrict the range of motion of the child's soul for extended periods of time, and manipulate the battle plane, two abilities that are otherwise virtually exclusive to the toughest boss in the game.

Other than Sans and Undyne, he doesn't have any other friends to begin with, and you can potentially become his friend after your "date" which is required for the Golden Ending. Papyrus is always extremely enthusiastic about everything he does and lightens up the mood of pretty much any scene he is in.

In spite of his build, he's quite noticeably skinnier compared to his brother All in all especially since this is Papyrus we're talking aboutit's hard to tell. His "battle body", as he puts it, is very distinct and recognizable. Cue the hardest fight in the game up to that point aside from maybe Toriel, but she eases up when you're close to death.

Big Guy, Little Guy: Sans Sans and Papyrus often appear together when presenting puzzles to the protagonist.

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Papyrus is literally the only monster in the entire game who you cannot die to, and that is because he doesn't kill you. This is supported by Undyne's confession that she's hesitant to let him into the Royal Guard not because his strength is lacking, but because he's far too pure-hearted to fight seriously.

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After getting his hands on a pirate flag, Papyrus comes to the conclusion that humans evolved from skeletons. What the genocide run becomes for him. Papyrus often cleans up after Sans and prompted him to get a job as a sentry.

She'll loudly refuse to be your friend, cuing Papyrus to say that she wasn't up to the challenge of befriending you. His battle starts as joke as all of his attacks can be avoided by not moving, during which his overworld theme "Nye-Heh-Heh" plays.

But sometimes he'll tell one without meaning to. It's an upbeat, yet outlandish melody that helps define Papyrus as an incompetent but well-meaning guy. He's vain, never wastes an opportunity to promote his own greatness, thinks your entire quest was for his sake alone Flirt with him and he'll claim to have very high standards.

He's actually pretty freaking tough! A talking skeleton, but he still eats and tries to flex muscles he doesn't have.

Undertale Papyrus

No, not the player as in the player character, the player as in you. He's so naive that he misconstrues any insults or ill-will toward him as compliments. We don't know how old he is exactly, but he's adult enough to be a sentry and have Undyne be willing to train him for the Royal Guard, yet still childish enough to believe in Santa and need a bedtime story to go to sleep.

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The only time he actually makes even a remotely difficult puzzle is when he fiddles around with an existing one out of boredom to make it look more like his face.

Papyrus is also oblivious at times when Undyne is angry at him, [42] though he is keen enough to know to present befriending the protagonist as a challenge to her. Going by his brother's strength, it is often theorized by fans that Papyrus is even stronger that that, and just holds back some of his power because he is simply too nice.

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And even if you betray his trust and kill him, his dying words are to call out the good that he is certain still remains in you. While he is a Perpetual Smiler a given due to him being a skeletonhis eyes during this fight turns it into this, implying an extreme sense of confidence in himself at this point in the game.

Papyrus is fond of creating these to trap humans. Heroic in the sense of always trying to do good even if he's a bit of a goof and a lot of a Cloud Cuckoolanderand unrivalled in compassion and friendliness. In a No Mercy run, he tries to get you to cease your kill-a-thon by sparing you right off the bat.

As mentioned above, he and Sans seemingly differ in almost every possible way. It is "a dream of [his].

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His facial expression during his boss fight. He almost always sounds irritated and fed up when talking to you about Sans, but it's pretty obvious that most of it comes from the fact that he's concerned about his well-being.

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If Toriel is alive at the end of a neutral run, then she becomes Queen and ends the war against humanity. If an attack of his would've done so, it'll just reduce your HP to 1 and he'll just imprison you in the easy-to-escape dog house.

He's usually pretty serious-minded, for all his intensity and upbeatness, but he can dish out his share of light sauce when he wants to. Personality Papyrus is a flamboyant skeleton who presents a confident, charismatic image of himself.

The taste is indescribable The artbook also reveals that the "Confused" sprites were drawn by "Guzusuru", but were omitted since Toby Fox thought they looked too good.

His "date" with you just cranks this Up to Elevenas he has to rely on a manual to be able to know what to do. It's implied that he holds back against the player, because he finds them endearing and because he's only trying to capture them rather than kill them.

He might be the one who looks after the house and Sans, but at the end of the day, Sans is the one who dotes on him.