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The pub-lined Ulrichstrasse is especially popular. It's actually a fairly unremarkable public area with benches, a small lawn and a fountain. The Weinberg Campus is an important technology and start-up centre in eastern Germany. The various university institutes and libraries are spread all over town.

They nevertheless manage to generate over offspring during this brief period. Although genetic differences are not major, they nevertheless may influence how well the insects adapt to their habitat.

Several kilometres long, this expansive park is one of the most popular meeting points for students.

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Our commitment to refugees Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg supports refugees eager to study by providing the following counselling services and measures. You can save money if you're flexible in terms of time.

In the summer months, life in Halle takes place on the streets. I found my first room through friends of my former host family. In Halle, there are lots of ways for students to get involved in political and social activities, something that is valued less uni halle mensa harzflirt less but which is still an integral part of studying.


Surprisingly this has less to do with nourishment than with gravity. A team of researchers led by the Martin Luther University and the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research has published the results in the new issue of "Nature Communications". Physicists receive funding for new CRC New opportunities for cutting-edge research in ultrafast physics and nanomagnetism: Do you have any advice about finding a room in Halle?

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Biophysicists and medical biochemists at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg MLU have managed to describe the underlying mechanism of this process.

Medical physicists present new method Making tumour cells glow: Even the smallest errors in this complex process can lead to grave diseases like cancer. Pharmacists at Martin Luther University Uni halle mensa harzflirt MLU have now found a way to increase the efficacy of a common tuberculosis agent while, at the same time, reducing resistance to it.

The tiny animals, just one millimetre long, live for only two to whats the word level 194 yahoo dating weeks, with sexual maturity lasting only four days.

The special properties of the proteins prevent the large and heavy larvae from falling out of their cells. Carmen from El Salvador. On the contrary, you'll feel like you're on a huge university campus here. How did you find your accommodation?

One good way of saving money is to use the internet platform for car-share opportunities. In addition to the restored town centre, the surrounding districts all add to Halle's charm.

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The preserved ramparts of the medieval castle give Halle its historical ambience. Lots of young people hang out here on the lawns in the evenings. At Hufeisensee, you'll feel like you're in the middle of the country.

What is your favourite spot in the town? You can get to the lake from Marktplatz in just 15 minutes by public transport. There are also several nice spots within the town on the banks of the river Saale where you can relax and unwind. This is where the rivers Saale and Saline flow.

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The study is based on ten years of research in species-rich subtropical forests. Certain proteins have to be switched on or off at certain times for everything to go according to plan. It's a good idea to book a bed in a youth hostel or use platforms such as Couchsurfing, where you can get accommodation for free.

And rent prices are below the German average. You can sometimes see some very funny everyday situations here.

Halle University offers the kind of conditions that are becoming more and more difficult to find.

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And the town has many green areas. Here, you can get together with fellow students in a homely living-room atmosphere. Relaxing in the armchairs or sofas at "Colonne Morris", you feel almost like you're in your own home.

The researchers present their findings in the renowned journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences". A special mixture of proteins in the larval food of bees ensures that future queen larvae survive. One thing that can be said about the nightlife here is that it's cheap! Halle is the home of one of the oldest universities in Germany, the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenbergwhich was founded in Composer George Frideric Handel came from Halle.

20th International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds

If you like listening to live music, you definitely have to stop off at "Kaffeeschuppen" and "Objekt 5", which regularly host jazz gigs and jamming sessions.

This is becoming a problem for infectious diseases like tuberculosis as there are only a few active substances available to combat such diseases.

In the Paulusviertel, a student district, you'll find the kind of villas and houses that have long since been torn down in many other towns in Germany. One annual highlight is the final semester party of the art and design students.

Please click here for information on application for: Other town landmarks include "Unserer Lieben Frauen" and the "Roter Turm", a free-standing bell tower.

These differences in their genetic makeup are an indication that urban life does impact the evolutionary trajectory of a species, write researchers at Martin Luther University and the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research iDiv Halle-Leipzig-Jena in the current issue of the renowned journal "Proceedings of the Royal Society B".

One of my favourite spots is the August-Bebel-Platz.

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Burg Giebichenstein and the Design-Campus then turn into one huge party zone where everyone dances outdoors until dawn.

The research group presents its latest developments in the international journal "Molecules". Narrow alleyways wind through the town.


For this ambitious development programme to function optimally, a large number of processes must be synchronised within their cells. This can be used to more closely investigate the development of cancer cells in the body.

There's a very nice, laid-back atmosphere in Halle. They have figured out how different signaling pathways in the cell change the structure of proteins, thereby driving the cell division cycle in the right direction at the right time.

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It's just the right place for sporting activities, studying, barbecuing and meeting new people.