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Del Rosario University

Initially, the founder appointed two Dominican brothers as the Rector and the Vice-rector respectively, but reserved for himself the right to appoint the Colegiales students who excel academically, as well as morally. The 'Secretaria General' also ensures the conservation and restoration of the historical heritage of the University and supports the Rector and the Consiliatura in the fulfillment of their responsibilities.

The "Consiliatura" has the responsibility to call the election and elect the president "Rector" among with "Colegiales".

The "Consiliarios" are chosen by an electoral body composed by the Rector and the fifteen "Colegiales", for a period of four years with the possibility of an indefinite re-election.

It then became the first medical school in Ze a dongjun dating services. The Trustee is responsible for the management of the resources and assets of the university and must submit an annual report to the then Consiliatura.

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The cloister, was built in the colonial era in Spanish seventeenth century architecture style by Fray Cristobal de Torres. During those years it served as a prison, and many of the republic's most notable characters were held imprisoned at the University.

In response to this protest, the founder wrote the Constituciones or the school bylaws that still rule the essentials of the University of El Rosario life, and demanded the Order to give the school back to the Colegiales.

The Colombian pesos banknote noe out of circulation has in his reverse the image of the Cloister of the Del Rosario University and the La Bordadita Chapel, as well as in his obverse the portrait of Jose Celestino Mutisuniversity teacher.

In after several attempts to consolidate the Faculty of Medicine, Dr.

Why study at Universidad del Rosario?

The Colegiales would enjoy the benefits of a full scholarship and living in the Claustro up to their graduation, that is, for about seven years.

It is the only Colombian university that made an accreditation process, supported by the European Association of Universities.

Spanish is offered at communicative and academic levels. Finance Cost of Living: Cover letter from Universidad del Rosario to the Consul of Colombia requesting the issuance of the visa.

This landmark has been preserved throughout these three centuries almost in its entirety. Language course The Multicultural and Multilingual Center offers language and cultures courses to meet the needs of a growing number of international students.

Universidad del Rosario

Practical information Fall semester: It's the supreme governing body of the University of El Rosario. The University of El Rosario has always been "from" and "for" the students, established on the basis of "Universitas Scholarium". It is Colombia's oldest higher education institution, never having interrupted instruction during its almost years of existence, except for a couple of years in when General Morillo of Spain pursued reconquest of Colombian territory.

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It has been declared a "National Architectural and Cultural Heritage" good. Directives[ edit ] The "Consiliatura" is composed by the Rector, who chairs the "Consiliatura", and five members, who are called "Consiliarios". Accommodation Universidad del Rosario does not offer on-campus housing.

Jose Celestino Mutis taught astronomy and mathematics at the university beginning on March 13, This tradition of Universitas Scholarium originated in Bologne, crib of European universities, and continued in the Spanish America, where the students constitute the foundation of the institution, different from the Universitas Magistrorum, as the University of Paris.

January - June The academic calendar in Colombia runs differently from the Dutch academic calender.

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The Virgin of "La Bordadita": Among the most significant documentary series are: The chapel is named in her honor. Besides from acting as advisory board to the Rector, takes care of the university's assets and approves the annual budget of revenues and expenses, among other functions conferred by the Old and New constitutions.

He graduated from the Economics Program of the Rosary, where he also completed the Specialization in Finance.

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Their first semester is our spring semester, which runs from January till June. Of his initial disciples only one, the young Juan Bautista Vargas, graduated inshortly before the death of his preceptor.

Colombia: Universidad del Rosario

He is buried at the University's chapel. The oldest document dates from Symbols[ edit ] The symbols of the University of El Rosario are: The founder established the Calatrava Cross as the symbol of the university and issued the Constitutions, which remain the governing documents of the school.

Undergraduate programs[ edit ] The university has six faculties and two schools, which offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.